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Asian Handicap

What is Asian handicap? We're not surprised so many players are looking for the Asian handicap meaning, especially given how attractive Asian lines usually are. As we all know, there are many ways to bet on sport, such as predicting the winner of a football match but there are other, more interesting forms of sports betting, including Asian handicap.

On this page, you will find our Asian handicap betting guide. In this guide, you will find not only the Asian handicaps meaning but also how to bet with Asian handicap, where to find Asian handicap odds, and Asian handicap soccer tips and strategies. We begin with the basics and answer the question, what is Asian handicap?

1. What is Asian Handicap?

Before we get into the more advanced guide to Asian handicaps betting, let us look at the basic form of Asian handicap. You will mostly find Asian Handicap prediction for football and that is because the system is based on football betting. The Asian handicap in football works by giving a team a head start for the purposes of the bet. The head start is based on goals and will either be full goals, half goals or sometimes even quarter goals. Whatever happens, Asian handicaps bet eliminates the chance of a draw. You are probably wondering how quarter-goals Asian handicap in football can possibly work and we will come to that shortly. For now, remember that Asian lines applied almost exclusively to football.

The best way to understand this betting market is to use a betting table for Asian handicap. The Asian handicap table shows the different handicaps available and the outcome of the bet, based on the possible results. Asian handicap lines are usually based on the match result and the total goals in a match, this is especially true for football Asian handicap betting odds.

As this is a professional guide to Asian handicap, you will need to become familiar with the five different outcomes of an Asian handicap table bet. The five possible outcomes are:

  • Win – This is a winning bet
  • Win half - Half of your stake is refunded and the other half of the stake is paid as a win
  • Push – The bet is void and the stake refunded
  • Lose half - Half of your stake is refunded and the other half of the stake is lost
  • Lose – The bet is lost

With that in mind, we will look more closely at how to bet with Asian handicap below and the various forms of Asian handicap football lines. Firstly, let us take a look at where you can find Asian handicap odds.

2. Where to Find Asian Lines

As highlighted above, football is the most popular sport where you will find Asian handicap lines. However, any sport that features a favourite and an underdog would work well for Asian handicap betting, including American football, tennis, basketball, boxing, ice hockey, and rugby. Football is the most common sport for this type of betting market and all the leading online bookmakers will offer Asian handicaps football odds, even for the less popular leagues and matches. For example, players who trigger our special 1win registration code supplied in the related article can benefit from a very extensive betting offer including Asian handi odds.

3. Different Asian Handicaps Meaning

There are distinct types of Asian handicap odds and we have explained some of the most popular below. In the first instance, you have the 0.0 Asian handicap and if we take a football match between Burnley and Manchester United as an example, Burnley are on offer at 4.250 and Manchester United are 1.210. If you place a bet on Manchester United and they win, you win the bet. If the result is a draw, your stake is refunded and if Burnley win, you lose the bet. This is the basics of an Asian two-way handicap meaning and below you will some more complex examples.

3.1 Asian Handicap -0.25 Meaning

This is known as a quarter-goals Asian handicap in football and starts with a score of 0.25, giving the underdog a quarter of a goal lead at the beginning of the match. It may seem strange to think of a team having a 0.25 goal lead in a sport that deals in whole numbers. However, in simple terms, the Asian handicap 0.25 meaning is: if the team on which you bet wins, you are a winner, if they lose, you lose the bet, if the outcome is a draw, half your stake is refunded and you either lose the other half or win the other half depending on which team you backed. 0.25 Asian handicap odds are often more generous than 0.5 odds.

3.2 Asian Handicap -0.5 Meaning

Here, a team will have 0.5 or half a goal advantage before kick-off for betting purposes. Let us look at an example of Arsenal at 1.80 and Manchester United at 1.85. If you bet on Arsenal to win -0.5 Asian handicap, it means they have a 0.5 goal head start in the game. If Arsenal win the match, you win the bet but if Manchester United win or it is a draw, you lose the bet. If you bet on Manchester United at +0.5 Asian handicap, it means they have a 0.5 deficit at the start of the game. If Manchester United win or the game ends level, you win the bet. If Manchester United lose, you lose the bet. We hope this Asian handicap 0.5 meaning isn't too complicated for you.

3.3 Asian Handicap -1.0 Meaning

This market is a little easier to understand and the underdog has a one-goal head before kick-off. So, if you bet on a team to win with a -1.0 Asian handicap, they must win by 2 or more goals for the bet to be a winner, thus overcoming the 1 goal handicap. What is the actual Asian handicap 1.0 meaning, then? If the game ends in a draw or the other team wins, you lose the bet. If you bet on the team with a +1 Asian handicap, the match result must be a win for that team or a draw. If the match ends with a 1 goal defeat, your stake is refunded.

You can use these examples to work out other Asian handicap odds, such as 0.75, 1.5, and 2. Over/under Asian handicap betting involves the total goals scored in a game and the same basic principles apply, with over or under 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 goals and so on available on which to bet. You can apply such an Asian handicaps meaning to different values available at bookmakers' offers.

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4. Asian Handicap Betting Tips

What is Asian handicap betting tip of the day? Asian handicap soccer tips and strategies follow the same principles of most sports betting. Research both teams or individuals involved and check their recent form and past performances against each other. In terms of team sports such as football, look at the team news. If a team is missing their top goal scorer, it can make a significant difference.

In addition, always consider the motivation of both teams, perhaps one team is desperate for the win whereas the other team has a more important match in a different competition next week. Finally, always check the Asian handicap meaning and the Asian handicap table if you are unsure of the odds and how they work. Once you and your Asian handi tips are ready, make sure you try out our BetShah bonus code from the related article as they give a generous sports bonus for new players that you can use for your Asian handicap bets.

5. Asian Handicap Lines

You can find the best Asian lines at bet365, William Hill, and Unibet. It does not matter if you want to bet on the English Premier League or the Indian Super League, you will find Asian handicap odds at these online bookmakers. We also have some fantastic bonus codes and promotions for all three, so make sure you check them out beforeAsian handi betting. Alternatively, take a look at our BONS sports bonus code provided in the related article - once you register with it and claim a sports bonus, you'll find very attractive odds for Asian handicap bets within all sports markets.

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