Baseball Tipster League

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Baseball Tipster League

Do you know your baseball? Do you enjoy betting on baseball? Have you placed winning baseball bets? If the answer is yes to these three questions, then the baseball tipster competition is perfect for you.

Baseball is a great sport for betting and has been for many years. It has been popular in the United States and Canada for close to 100 years and continues to gain a strong worldwide following. However, it is not often you have the chance to essentially bet on baseball for free. That’s what we are giving you the opportunity to do with the free baseball tipster league.

Before we delve into the details of the baseball tipping competition, lets take a look at why baseball is so popular for betting.

1. Why Bet on Baseball?

Baseball is a statistical heaven. If you like to pour over data before placing a bet, you will love betting on baseball. The same applies when entering our online baseball betting contest, you will want to conduct your research before adding your baseball betting tips. Almost every piece of information you could desire about professional baseball leagues, such as Major League Baseball, is available online. You can find out how well teams hit in the daylight or at night (sometimes there is a huge difference between performance in day games and night games), how players perform when faced with right handed of left handed pitchers, how teams play when they are home compared to away and the results of each game by stadium.

This is just a small sample of the data available for baseball betting. Gamblers can choose to focus on the overall aspects of the league or focus on one player in-particular, it does not matter. All the information is there.

In addition, during the baseball season, whether it be in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico or Dominican Republic, there are always games being played every day of the regular season. There are rarely days off and teams in MLB play over 160 games over the course of a 190 day period. If you want to place a bet on baseball, you are almost guaranteed to find a game every day during the season.

So, now you know there is plenty of information available to aid you in baseball betting and many games on which to bet, you will it itching to start playing the tipster competition. Not only is the BonusCodes baseball tipster competition a great way to show off your knowledge, it is the ideal way to add to your betting income thanks to the cash prizes on offer. And when you will feel more confident in betting then you can use one of our bonuses prepared for you, e.g. William Hill sign up code or Unibet sign up code.

Read on for more information about the free betting contest with prizes and how to sign up.

2. Free Baseball Tipster League

The first thing you need to do in order to enter the free baseball contest is create an account at BonusCodes. It is free to join and you can do so by following the links and creating your account.

Having created your account, you can head to the baseball tipster competition page and click the ‘join contest’ button. You are now ready to play and the second step is to check out the baseball games chosen for that day. As mentioned above, there are several baseball games on a daily basis during the season, so there will be plenty of online baseball betting contests to enjoy.

You will find a coupon with the baseball games for that round as selected by the admin team. These games will all have odds and there is nothing complicated to worry about. You simply choose one of the two teams in each game depending on who you think is going to win. You can use the odds to help you but if you are serious about winning the prize, you will need to do a little research. This is important because simply picking the favourite is not always going to bring success. The points in our free baseball tipster league are awarded based on the odds of the team that won. So, the lower the odds of the winner, the lower the number of points you will receive. Odds you can also check at several bookmakers. We can recommend you the brand Sports Interaction and their Sports Interaction promo code that can also be helpful, when playing in our competition.

If you really know your stuff, this is where you can gain an advantage. If you can pick an underdog who comes through and wins, you will get more points and this could see you move to the top of the baseball tipster competition. An expert tip directly from our league is to study sportsbook odds and game outcomes in MLB over a long period of time. The easiest way to do this is by reading statistical papers and publications for free online.

Once the games for that round are finished, the points will be added and the prize distributed accordingly. Results will be completed within 72 hours after the last match ended and they will be viewable on the BonusCodes website.

Being a baseball tipster league with prizes , the total fund divided between the winners totals $150 every week the game is played, which is fantastic. The winner of the free baseball tipping competition will receive $50, second place $35, third place $20, fourth place $15 and fifth to seventh place $10.

So, even if you are not in the mix to win the tipster competition for that week, you should keep going because even if you finish fifth, you will still win a prize. The motivation is always there when playing the baseball tipster competition thanks to the distribution of the prize money.

Place Prize
1st $50
2nd $35
3rd $20
4th $15
5th-7th $10

To receive a prize, you must have your correct PayPal address added to your account. It is best to do this first, before entering the free betting contest with prizes, because if you forget at a later date, you will not receive your prize money.

What are you waiting for? Join the free BonusCodes baseball tipster competition today. Show off you baseball betting knowledge and win great prizes.

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