Europa League Betting Odds

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Europa League Betting Odds

It may not be the premier continental competition, but there are still plenty of teams gunning for glory in the Europa League betting odds, with Eintracht Frankfurt (1.66 with Bet365) and Rangers (2.20) fighting for the victory this season, each with their own motivations for success.

Winning the Europa League would be a tremendous achievement for any of those teams – a rare slice of major silverware in what has been something of a drought period for each.

In our article we discuss Europa League winner odds and give you hints which teams are worth to back.

1. Europa League 2021/2022 Preview

As we approach the end of the season, many football fans wonder how to bet on the Europa League.

Let's take a look at current Europa League odds. Bookmakers claim that Eintracht Frankfurt has the biggest chances to win the final, which will be played on 18 May in Seville. The other contender are Rangers.

Whichever of the above teams you decide to back, it is worth to have a look at our article about sure bets, which allow you to make use of the differences between the odds at various bookmakers. That way, your profits can be even higher!

2. Europa League 2021/22 Predictions

Each season, making Europa League winner predictions is like solving a puzzle, with many more factors to consider than betting on, say, the Champions League.

The reality is that some teams will give it everything in their pursuit of winning the Europa League, whereas other sides will field fringe players and youth team prospects – they will have bigger fish to fry in their domestic competitions. That explains why delivering accurate Europa League predictions is so tricky. However, if you are good at it, why not give it a shot and visit our website where you can find a football tipster league and many bonus codes for bettors to show off your knowledge and earn extra money.

However, for now, let’s get back to the analysis of Europa League tips. Let’s consider Eintracht and Rangers. For Eintracht, the Europa League is their main competition this season – they know that a top finish in Bundesliga is probably going to be off-limits. That is why they have been doing their best this Europe League season and are currently considered the most probable winner.

The other team left in the odds to win Europa League 2022 is Rangers from Glasgow. Although they are considered the underdogs at 2.20, they still hope for the victory and are determined to do their best to make it possible.

For us, we wanted to chase the next step of getting to the final and we want to win it, we don’t want to be there just to take part. We will go there to win. The confidence in the team is high. - Scott Wright, BT Sport News

And if football is not really your thing, you can always try betting on volleyball. This sport is not really mainstream and its enthusiasts are often not familiar with specific betting strategies, therefore our volleyball betting guide and bonus codes for bettors can turn out to be helpful. Feel free to read our article and try your luck!

3. Europa League 2021-22 Tips

So Eintracht will be willing to put a lot of effort in the tournament, being at the top of Europa League final 2022 betting odds at 1.66 with Bet365, despite not being considered as main favourites at the beginning of the season.

Europa League Winner - Best odds
Eintracht Frankfurt
Last update: 1652422953

The Gers, at 2.20 also with Bet365, cannot be totally ignored in ourEuropa League betting tips. The difference in odds is not that big and we can certainly say that both teams have chances to become the winner.

4. Europa League Live Stream

The best way to enjoy watching the Europa League favourites 2021/22 is with a dedicated live stream.

You’ll have to dig deep to find the action on your TV, however, and in the UK the broadcaster BT Sport only shows some games – an example of how difficult it can be to watch your team in this competition.

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However, betting sites like bet365 and Unibet may be able to help – their live streaming channels are outstanding, with new competitions added to their schedule all the time. You can make use of our Europa League betting odds, place a bet and watch the game in one place – that’s a pretty convenient option.

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