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There is no better way to gamble than entering a lottery draw and, on this page, we have all the information you need to participate with the Government Lottery Office bonus code. You can win even 30 million baht as one of the prizes at GLO.

Government Lottery Office offer 2024

Section Details
National Lottery 30% off your ticket
Draw Times Every 1st & 16th of the month, at 4:00 PM
Prize 3 million baht
Bonus Prize 20 to 30 million baht

The Thailand Government Lottery Office offer includes two different games, and you can pick the GLO games you would like to play based on the information in this review. Before we look more closely at the Government Lottery Office bonuses, we need to know how to play the official Thailand lottery.

1. How to Play the Government Lottery Bonus

Government Lottery Office Currently available
Government Lottery Office Referral code July 2024
Government Lottery Office Referral code August 2024
September 2024 October 2024
November 2024 December 2024
January 2025 February 2025
March 2025 April 2025
May 2025 June 2025

One of the beauties of playing the Government Lottery Office bonus is that it is easy for everyone to understand, even those with no previous experience of lottery games. You can choose to play using the My GLO application or you can purchase tickets from authorized GLO retail venues, such as lottery ticket stands and supermarkets. Who can play the Thai Lottery? The Thailand national lottery is open to anyone who is at least 20 years of age, but you must be a resident of Thailand to claim a prize. There is nothing stopping anyone from buying a ticket, but when considering who can play the Thailand Lottery, you must reside in the country to win. Agents selling tickets can be found across Thailand, and they are often carrying a briefcase. If you do not feel comfortable buying from an agent, you should buy tickets from a supermarket.

The aim of the Government Lottery Office offer is to match the 6 numbers on your ticket with the 6 numbers drawn in the live draw. You do not get to choose the numbers yourself; the numbers are picked at random for you when you buy a ticket. The draw usually takes place at 5pm on the first and 16th days of the month, and it costs 40 baht to enter. However, you must purchase at least two tickets to enter the draw. You can watch the draw live on television in Thailand but if you miss the draw, you can check the Government Lottery Office results on the official website.

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2. Government Lottery Office Prizes

The Government Lottery Office bonus prizes differ depending on which draw you enter. When you purchase tickets for the Government Lottery Office offer, you have two options. You can choose to enter the Thai Government Lottery and this comes with a jackpot of 3 million baht and there are GLO bonuses which can take the total prize fund up to 30 million baht. If you choose to enter the Thai Charity Lottery, the GLO prize jackpot is 2 million baht. You can see which draw you have entered by checking the top left corner of the ticket. You do not have to match all the numbers to win a prize, and there are smaller prizes available depending on how many numbers you match, starting at 1,000 baht. If you miss the live draw, you can check the Thailand lottery prize results using the website and the My GLO app.

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3. How to Win in GLO

There is no exact science to winning the Government Lottery Office bonus. When you purchase a ticket, there is no specific strategy you can follow to help you win because the tickets are pre-printed. That means, you do not pick the numbers yourself, so you cannot choose the same numbers for every draw, which is a strategy some people like to follow when playing lottery games. All you can do to give yourself the best chance of winning, is buy as many tickets as you can for each draw and hope your numbers come up. There are no Government Lottery Office games that allow you to use a gambling strategy to improve your chances of winning, so embrace the randomness of the Thailand Government Lottery Office offer and have fun.

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4. Government Lottery Office Games

As highlighted above, there are two different types of ticket you can buy when playing the Government Lottery Office game. The first is the standard draw, which has a jackpot prize of 3 million baht and the second is the charity ticket and this has a jackpot prize of 2 million baht. More of the money spent on tickets goes to charity when buying a charity ticket, but there are no other GLO games at the time of writing. However, you can gamble elsewhere in Thailand if you would like to play other games, such as slots, table games, and scratch cards.

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5. My Glo App

How to download My GLO app is straightforward, and you can install it on your device from the Google Play or App Store. If you would rather get the My GLO application from the official website, you can scan the code on the website and this will take you to the appropriate store for your device.

The My GLO app is great if you want instant access to the latest Thai lottery results, and you can check your tickets to see if you won using the mobile app. As with the desktop site, there are no additional games available to play on the My GLO application and it is more of an information portal than anything else.

6. Government Lottery Office Bonus Code FAQ

6.1 💰 What is the main prize in Government Lottery Office?

The main prize in the GLO is 3 million baht for the standard ticket and 2 million baht for the charity ticket. There are also bonus funds which can be won depending on the amount of numbers matched.

6.2 💰 How do I claim my lottery winnings in Thailand?

You have two years to claim the prize from the date of the draw, and anything up to 20,000 baht can be collected from an authorized retail lotto venue. Any prize exceeding 20,000 baht must be collected from the Thailand Government Lottery head office in Nonthaburi. You will be issued with a cheque for the amount won.

6.3 💰 How to contact the Thailand Lottery?

You can contact the Thailand lottery using telephone number: 0-2528-9999. You can also send an email, use Facebook, and visit the official office in Nonthaburi.

6.4 💰 Is Government Lottery Office free to play?

No, to be in with a chance of winning with the Government Lottery Office Bonus Code, you must purchase at least two tickets from authorized retailers.

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