How to Bet on CFL

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How to Bet on CFL

Canadian Football League may not be as popular as the NFL, but more and more people are learning how to bet on CFL and gaining in-depth knowledge about the best teams and players. While bettors in North America may be well aware of the specificities of CFL, those located in other parts of the world need some guidance. This CFL betting guide will explain what is CFL and how its competition system functions, and outline the main CFL NFL differences that bettors should be aware of.

If you are new to Canadian Football League betting and would like to become better at it, we have all the information you require summed up in one place. We will provide basic facts about the sport, point out the differences between Canadian and American football, and show you how to bet on CFL games and other markets. Reading this guide could be the first step towards a successful run of CFL betting and a long fandom of this amazing league.

1. What is CFL?

CFL stands for Canadian Football League, and it’s a major professional sports league comprising nine franchises all located in Canadian cities, 4 in the East Division and 5 in the West. This is a Canadian football league, an important distinction since some aspects of the sport are different from American football, and CFL rules vs. NFL is not a straight comparison.

The league has a long and illustrious history, as it was established in 1958 and has operated without interruption ever since. It is immensely popular within Canada and is becoming increasingly interesting to fans from other countries, and if you already know everything there is to know about CFL betting, please check our list of the best bonus codes for online bookmakers in Canada.

2. CFL Rules

As we mentioned, CFL rules are unique and reflect the way this game is played in Canada. Canadian football is played on a 150-yard field with end zones and goalposts on each end, with the offensive team advancing the ball and trying to score points through touchdowns and kicks. Both offense and defense are essential, and both affect the CFL betting lines.

If you are trying to bet on CFL MVP, you should know that the season lasts for 21 weeks, so there is plenty of time for a late surprise. Every CFL season ends with a playoff that culminates in the finals game known as the Grey Cup, and many fans like to bet on Grey Cup winner. There are plenty more markets to bet on, and as we will introduce you with them further in this article, you can also check our guide about betting on football transfers.

3. The Difference Between CFL and NFL

To better understand Canadian football, we need to take a closer look at differences between CFL and NFL games. Most notably, in Canadian football, there are 12 players on the field rather than 11, which must be taken into account when you are evaluating teams, along with the slightly different CFL scoring rules.

There is also a difference in size between CFL and NFL field , with the former being considerably wider and longer. Another key distinction that impacts CFL sports betting is that teams are allowed just three downs instead of four, so the strategy on early downs is more aggressive. Finally, you should carefully study the CFL overtime rules 2023 to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Now, you have all the necessary info about the rules of CFL and how it differs from the NFL, therefore, you can easily start betting on it. Once you win, you can also consider trying to multiply your winnings at an online casino of your choice, and for that we suggest checking our Bitstarz bonus code Canada.

4. CFL Betting Guide

Due to the unique rules and structure of the season, CFL betting strategy must be learned from scratch, even if you are an experienced NFL bettor. In this guide, we will discuss how to bet on CFL futures or the outcomes of individual games while taking advantage of the best CFL odds.

Additionally, we will explain the CFL odds to win Grey Cup and show you how to cash in on Gray Cup prop bets by leveraging your understanding of football and knowledge about the participating teams. Like with any other sports bet, odds play a big part in deciding whether to take it or not, while in-depth research about the teams involved, their previous results, injured players, etc. can reveal plenty of actionable information.

4.1 CFL Betting Markets

There are a number of different outcomes you can try to predict if you decide to bet on CFL games. According to the best bookmakers from our ranking spreads, totals, and moneylines are the most popular betting markets among punters, and you can also bet on other bet types, from game scores and individual player's statistics all the way to the eventual champion. Moreover, it is also important to note that understanding how to bet on CFL largely comes down to recognizing opportunities and taking action before it’s too late.

Most punters try to catch favorable CFL betting odds for particular matches and correctly guess the winner, but it’s also possible to bet on statistical feats for players or teams. Studying patterns in bookmakers odds is an advanced strategy used by some of the best tipsters in the world to also consider. Finally, if you can find a decent Grey Cup points spread you can even support the underdog to cover the difference.

4.2 CFL Betting: Tips and Strategies

If you try reading expert tips for betting on CFL, you will learn that this league offers a lot of great chances that would be hard to come by in the NFL. One thing that stands out in particular is that with only nine teams, the CFL circle of championship contenders is much narrower, so predicting the eventual Grey Cup winner is pretty easy.

Another viable strategy is to check CFL odds today and look for any unexpected movement that would indicate a surprise outcome is possible. Those who understand how to bet on CFL follow the information about teams up to the kick-off time and react immediately if they spot a wager worth making.

Implementation of a good strategy is very important whenever you want to engage with betting – no matter what sports you are planning to bet on. Considering that, if you are a fan of eSports, we have prepared a set of tips and strategies for League of Legends betting, so feel free to visit the related article when you have time.

4.3 Grey Cup Betting

Predicting the CFL champion is another popular bet, and experienced players know how to leverage the available information and bet on CFL futures in a savvy way. Grey Cup betting odds change dynamically throughout the year as the results come in, so timing is extremely critical with this type of bet. Once you get favorable Grey Cup odds on a team you believe to be capable of winning, you should make your pick immediately before the window of opportunity closes.

5. Best Bookmakers to Bet on CFL

There are many bonus codes gambling sites that accept bets on Canadian football, so you shouldn’t settle for the first offer that comes your way. You can bet on CFL at most mainstream sportsbooks, so it makes perfect sense to look for the provider that offers the best conditions and the largest bonuses. We surveyed the field and singled out several betting sites that are ideal for CFL regular season and Grey Cup betting.

5.1 bet365

As one of the largest online bookmakers in the world that’s been in business since 2000, bet365 is completely trustworthy and known for giving fair odds on all events. It also hands out nice bonuses and even lets new members place free bets. Despite being based in the United Kingdom, this site covers North American sports including CFL football, and accepts players logging in from many countries.

Bet on CFL with Bet365

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5.2 1XBET

This is another website where you can find all CFL games and check the current Grey Cup odds. Opening a new account on 1XBET is very simple, and players are entitled to a welcome bonus and other perks. This provider has been active since 2007 and has millions of loyal members from all over the world, so you can rest assured that any money you win on CFL will be fully paid out.

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5.3 Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle is known as a reliable gambling website that is registered in Curaçao and serves players from around the world. You can place various CFL bets with this bookmaker, and it’s a great place to look for the best Grey Cup odds 2023. With more than 2 decades of experience in the industry, this site knows how to reward loyalty and gives excellent bonuses to new and regular players.

Bet on CFL with Pinnacle

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5.4 Bet99

Residents of Canada can take their wagers to a local website with a great reputation for integrity and professionalism – Bet99. This site is specialized only for the Canadian market, so it’s logical that it offers various bets related to CFL. Taking advantage of great odds on Canadian football offered by Bet99 is a smart way to maximize your winnings, which can be withdrawn via several payment methods.

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As you can see, there are plenty of brands to choose from, therefore, we suggest picking on that offers the best deals and bonuses. You can also compare the offer from bet365, 1XBET, Pinnacle, and Bet99 with Megapari, however note that their offer improves if you use our Megapari promo code Canada.

6. How to Bet on CFL - Frequently Asked Questions

6.1 🏈 How many regular season games in the CFL can I bet on in a particular year?

A CFL season offers a lot of opportunities for betting since it lasts for 21 weeks, and every team is playing 18 games. The best teams also participate in a three-round playoff, while the finals attract a lot of bettors who want to take advantage of CFL Grey Cup odds.

6.2 🏈 Is CFL a higher-scoring football league than the NFL?

Due to different CFL scoring rules, more space on the field, and faster pace of play, more points are scored on average in Canadian football than in the NFL. The difference is around 15%, which is significant enough to provide a more exciting viewing experience.

6.3 🏈 What is the best website to place a bet on Grey Cup?

If you know how to bet on CFL and would like to test the CFL betting tips from the internet during the finals, you should open an account on one of the well-known gambling sites recommended above, for example bet365 or Bet99.

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