How to Make Money Betting on eSports

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How to Make Money Betting on eSports

Virtual competition can be just as mesmerizing as real sports, and a growing army of fans is attempting to learn how to make money betting on eSports. Top matches are streamed in real time and fans can try to predict a number of different outcomes, so betting on eSports popular games such as Overwatch, DOTA2, or CS:GO, etc. can be very interesting, not to mention profitable. On the other hand, getting to understand eSports betting strategies and key strengths of each competitor isn’t easy, so bettors need all the guidance they can get.

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This preview will explain how to gamble on eSports in a controlled and responsible way while limiting potential losses. It will teach you how to get started on eSports and put you in the best position to have a winning streak that puts a lot of money into your pocket.

1. How eSports Betting Works

It’s very easy to bet on eSports online but if you are not familiar with this scene the experience can be confusing. There are numerous games that are played competitively, and the same eSports organizations may be fielding teams in more than one discipline. This is why it’s advisable to start from a comprehensive eSports betting guide that lists the most successful teams and players in the most popular disciplines.

Even if you are unaware how does eSports betting work, it won’t be too hard to identify the favorites to win and the most profitable bets. Basic understanding of the game on which you are betting is recommended, ideally from firsthand experience. That allows you to recognize undervalued propositions and act on eSports betting tips that fit into your strategic concept.

2. eSports Betting Tips and Strategies

After you identify the best eSports betting site from our list below, you need to formulate a strategy that will guide your wagers. It takes a while to figure out how to make money on eSports betting, especially if you don’t know how to bet on eSports in the first place.

One of the possible approaches in beginners eSports betting guide includes making bold eSports betting predictions and hunting for surprise winners that can give you good returns.

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For those who prefer to play it safe, a good method is to follow recommendations of an eSports betting tipster and support the frontrunners, to find the best betting on eSports tips, regardless of the odds. eSports betting tipsters can be found throughout the internet, especially in places where players community gather together, for example on Twitch.

Remember to do your research! Anyone who has had success with eSports betting has spent a significant amount of time researching, watching, or playing their favourite games. A thorough understanding of metagame tactics is essential for successful participation.

Some competitive games and esports matchups are simpler to learn than others. Explore those in terms of metagame tactics, and gameplay mechanics.

It’s also possible to make multiple bets on the same event (so called ‘arbitrage bet’), but this requires detailed analysis of the offered eSports betting odds and careful balancing to make it worthwhile. Follow the links to a fantastic William Hill Esports promo code offer.

3. Top Betting Sites for eSports

It’s highly recommended to place wagers at top eSports betting sites and avoid shady operators that have only recently joined the market. The elite tier of providers consists of big brands that are already dominant in sports betting, so their expansion into eSports was only a natural step forward. You can also bet on transfer window with those brands, so if you are interested in that don't hesitate to check football transfers betting - tips and strategies. If you are still searching for an answer how and where to bet on eSports online, the following websites are a good place to start:

3.1 bet365

As a well-regarded betting company operating legally for more than 20 years, bet365 is one of the biggest names that ventured into eSports betting. The site is based in the United Kingdom but serves players from all over the world and covers eSports events on a global level. Judging by a vast majority of player reports, it’s clear that bet 365 eSports is one of the best eSports betting sites at the moment.

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3.2 William Hill

This is another global betting brand that is known for its sports book and casino operations. William Hill is also among the handful of eSports betting sites that operate completely transparently and treat their customers fairly. Practically all major games are represented, so this is a very safe place for betting on eSports where you don’t have to worry about legality or integrity.

3.3 Unibet

Originally founded in 1997, Unibet continues to innovate and dictate market trends, so its decision to offer eSports comes as no surprise. Considering the number of events, strength of odds, and quality of service, Unibet can be accurately described as one of the top eSports betting sites in the world. You might even be able to pick up a welcome bonus when you first open a new account.

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3.4 Pinnacle

Since this is one of the oldest eSports betting sites, it is preferred by many hardcore fans who regularly watch the matches and support their favourites. The site allows high limits on eSports bets, which is why experienced bettors gravitate towards it. If you have a prediction based on eSports betting tips and need a good place to put your plan into action, Pinnacle could be the answer.

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Here you will find another bookmaker that offers bets on e-sports. Check Betwinner Promo Code For India thanks to which you will unlock amazing bonuses.

4. Most Popular eSports Games for Betting

Every beginner’s guide to eSports betting will tell you that only a few games are popular and well-regulated enough to be worth your time. Those games are highly competitive, and the main tournaments feature many well-known professionals, making it more realistic to predict the winner. Here are a few games that are most suitable for those who are still learning how to bet on eSports gaming:

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4.1 League of Legends

This seemingly simple game is so omnipresent in popular imagination that its army of fans includes many celebrities. You won’t have any difficulty finding good League of Legends betting sites, especially during the largest tournaments that bring together all the best players. Looking for a guide on how to bet on League of Legends, follow through the link to our article!

4.2 CS:GO

Counter Strike is the most successful first-person shooter in history, and its latest edition is a legitimate Esport. It’s one of the most popular games for eSports betting as of 2024. Making CS:GO predictions can be a lot of fun, especially for casual players, so find an eSports betting guide and don't hesitate to place your bets, especially with our BONS bonus code.

4.3 DOTA2

If you enjoy a mix of strategic play and fast-paced action, DOTA2 could be the right game for you. This is a team game, so it may take a bit more research before you learn how to bet on eSports and win. It’s best to become familiar with all the players and be prepared for any line-up. Follow our links to bet on DOTA2 with a Unibet VIP Esports code that unlocks exclusive promotions.

4.4 Overwatch

Many people enjoy watching competitive Overwatch and placing bets on the participating teams. It’s a dynamic team game that requires cunning planning and flawless execution, which also makes it exciting for betting. The audience for this game keeps growing, and it is covered by all the best eSports betting sites.

Based in the UK? If yes, you can bet on League of Legends with a bet365 Esports bonus code, by following the links.

5. How to Make Money Betting on eSports - FAQ

5.1 🕹️ Is it good to bet on eSports?

Any guide to eSports betting will warn you that outcomes of competitive games may be even harder to predict accurately than with traditional sports. However, if you know the game well and understand strengths and weaknesses of each team/player, you could make a winning bet, and make real money on eSports.

5.2 🎮 What are the most popular eSports events and games?

Some of the most popular tournaments that present a great chance to bet on eSports include The International (DOTA2), League of Legends World Championship, CS:GO Majors, as well as the Fortnite World Cup.

5.3 💻 How can I watch eSports online?

Matches at major tournaments are almost always streamed live on Twitch, and anyone can join the stream for free at any moment. It’s also possible that eSports betting sites might embed the stream to their pages.

5.4 💰 What sites can you bet on eSports??

Once you get a good idea how to make money betting on eSports events, you might want to open an account with one of the premier gaming brands such as William Hill, Pinnacle, Unibet, or bet365.

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