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There are several lottery games available to play in Australia, and, on this page, you can find out how to play Lotterywest. The Lotterywest lottery is the lotto draw for Western Australia and there are many Lotterywest lotto games to play. You can win millions when you play Lotto and other games at Lotterywest.

Information Details
Prizes Play at Lotterywest to Win Millions!
Lotterywest Games Powerball, Lotto, OZ lotto, Cash 3, Super 66 and Scracth 'n' Win
Lotterywest Age Limit to Play 16+
Where to Buy Lotterywest Tickets Website, Mobile App or at over 500 stores across WA region

Continue below where you will find a breakdown of all the Western Australia lottery games. Moreover, this review will tell you how to buy Lotterywest tickets, and provide details of any Lotterywest promotions.

1. How Does Lotterywest Work

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There are three ways how to play Lotterywest and you can buy tickets at Lotterywest point of sale outlets, use the website to buy tickets, or use the official Lotterywest lottery mobile app. Lotterywest agents are available in over 500 local stores around the state and you can find a Lotterywest POS in each of the stores.

If you wish, you can become a Western Australia lottery member by completing the registration form online. You must reside in Western Australia and have a form of identification to become a member of Lotterywest lotto. In most cases, the different Lotterywest products involve choosing numbers in the hope they match the numbers in the draw.

Now you know how to play lotto Australia and where to buy Lotterywest tickets, it is time to take a closer look at the various games. Before you do, however, remember that you can access loads of different bonus codes for bookies and casinos by visiting our homepage.

2. Lotterywest Games

One of the many things we like about Lotterywest is that players have a number of different games to choose from. There are several Lotterywest games to enjoy and we will take you through them all, beginning with the Lotterywest Powerball.

2.1 Powerball

To play the Lotterywest Powerball game, you must choose 8 numbers, with seven numbers being drawn from a total of 35 balls in barrel A and one number being drawn from a total of 20 balls in barrel B. The 8 numbers are the winning numbers and the number drawn from barrel B is the Powerball.

To win the jackpot prize, you must have all 7 numbers plus the Powerball and the odds of winning Lotterywest prizes can be found on the website. You must purchase at least two lines to enter the game and the draw takes place every Thursday night. If the jackpot prize is not won, it rolls over to the next draw.

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2.2 Lotto

There are three main lotto draws and they take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. How to play Lotterywest lotto involves choosing 8 numbers you believe will be drawn from a barrel containing a total of 45 numbers. The draw works in the same way each day and the first 6 numbers drawn at the winning numbers, with the last 2 balls drawn being the supplementary numbers. The jackpot is won by correctly choosing the first 6 numbers to be drawn from the barrel. You can pick the numbers yourself or have the numbers chosen for you at random but either way, you must enter at least four times as a minimum entry rule.

2.3 OZ Lotto

The OZ Lotto game differs slightly from the main lotto draws above because 7 numbers are drawn from a barrel containing 47 balls. The first 7 numbers drawn at the winning numbers and the final 3 numbers drawn from the barrel are the supplementary numbers.

The 7 winning numbers drawn are required to win the jackpot but it is possible to win other prizes with a combination of some of the 7 numbers and the 3 supplementary numbers. Unlike the lotto draw, you can purchase just one line of numbers to enter the OZ Lotto game and the draw takes place on Tuesday. So, if you combine the Powerball, Lotto, and OZ Lotto games, you can play a lottery game in Western Australia every day.

2.4 Cash 3

Cash 3 is one of the easiest games to play at Lotterywest lottery and you need to pick three numbers from between 1 to 9. Draws take place every day and there are two ways to win, which include matching the 3 numbers in the exact order they are drawn and matching the 3 numbers in any order. The minimum entry is one game, making Cash 3 one of the best Lotterywest games for those who want a small gamble daily.

2.5 Super 66

Super 66 is played every Saturday night and comes with one of the top Lotterywest prizes of up to $1 million. That is a great prize for a $1 ticket and the idea of the game is to get six numbers between 0 and 9 in the order they are drawn. Even if you match five, four, three, or two numbers, you can still win a prize when playing Super 66. The minimum entry is one game and the numbers are drawn randomly.

2.6 Scratch 'n' Win

Scratch 'n' Win are instant games and you must scratch off the designated area of the card to see if you have won a prize. The scratch cards range in price from just $1 to $20 and the prizes that can be won are reflected in the cost of the card. It is not possible to play Scratch 'n' Win on the website or app so you must visit an official vendor to purchase a card. Alternatively, we have published a full list of legal bookmakers and casino bonus codes for Australia within our article which you can read for free.

3. Lotterywest Promotions

There are different Lotterywest promotions running throughout the year and you can check the website for the latest offers. There are prize boost events for the OZ Lotto game and this will boost the amount of money available to win when the promotion is offered. In addition to the game promotions, you can apply for a grant for your local community via the Lotterywest website and it is good way to obtain some funding for community projects in Western Australia.

4. Lotterywest Prizes & Regulations

The Lotterywest prizes differ depending on what game you are playing and you can find the full Lotterywest statistics and odds on the website and mobile app. When winning a prize up to $500, this can be claimed from a participating store or online using the website and app. Anything over $500, excluding jackpots, can be paid into an account online or from the Lotterywest Head Office for those with a physical ticket.

All top prizes must be claimed from Lotterywest Head Office. The full rules and regulations of the games can be found on the website. Our team of experts at BonusCodes are always seeking the best offers for our readers. With this in mind, we suggest all Australian gamblers to check out a fantastic offer from Bitstarz. Simply read our Bitstarz Australia bonus code article to learn more and start playing with a head start!

5. Lotterywest Membership

The Lotterywest membership entitles you to some Lotterywest bonuses, including prize protection and a way to save your favourite numbers so you can use them again. If you tick the relevant box when creating your membership account, you will receive emails about the latest promotions.

You will receive a physical membership card in the post and you can use your Lotterywest login details to use your virtual membership card online. Alternatively, register with the Australia promo code 1xBit for an exclusive welcome offer when you join this awesome crypto casino with our 1xBit bonus code.

6. Lotterywest Player Support

There is a detailed FAQ section on the Lotterywest website and that is a good place to start if you need help. If you don’t find what you need, you can visit the official office, make a phone call, or send an email. The general opening hours of Lotterywest are 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 6am to 8pm on a Saturday, and 8am to 7pm on a Sunday.

7. How Does Lotterywest Work? FAQ

7.1 🦘Is Lotterywest legit?

Yes, Lotterywest is fully regulated and licensed to operate in Western Australia and is a certified member of the World Lottery Association.

7.2 🪃Which games are available at Lotterywest?

You will find plenty of games to play at Lotterywest, including Powerball, Lotto, OZ Lotto, Cash 3, Super 66, and Scratch 'n' Win. Every game is available to play on the website and app other than the scratch cards, which must be purchased in a store.

7.3 🎫Where can I buy a Lotterywest ticket?

You can buy Lotterywest tickets using the website, mobile app, and at over 500 participating stores across the region.

7.4 🐨How to find out more about Lotterywest?

Read this article to know how to play Lotterywest but if you need further information, we recommend visiting the website or installing the Lotterywest mobile app.

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