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The lottery is one of the most convenient ways to gamble online and, on this page, you can find out how to play MyLotto NZ and if you need a MyLotto promo code. MyLotto New Zealand is one of the top lottery draws in the Southern Hemisphere, and you can win a life-changing sum of money by entering the draw.

How to Play MyLotto NZ

MyLotto — games Prize pools – details
Lotto First Division $1 million for every draw
Powerball jackpot $4 million - $50 million
Strike jackpot $200,000
MyLotto Keno up to $250,000
MyLotto Bullseye over $100,000
MyLotto Instant Kiwi $20,000

The New Zealand lotto has made many people rich over the years, and the next big winner could be you. Continue below as we show you how you can purchase MyLotto tickets and how to play MyLotto online in 2023.

1. How to Register at MyLotto NZ

MyLotto max bonus (maximum bonus online)
MyLotto Bonus code December 2023
MyLotto Bonus code January 2024
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April 2024 May 2024
June 2024 July 2024
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To begin playing the New Zealand lottery online, you must create a MyLotto New Zealand login, the same as you would when registering using Novibet's promo code New Zealand. To create a My Lotto account login NZ, you can click on our link, and it will take you directly to the My Lotto New Zealand website. Once on the My Lotto NZ website, you can click on the sign-up link, which is in the top right corner of the screen.

To register an account with lotto New Zealand, you must complete the simple form, which includes name, date of birth, gender, contact number, email address, postal address, and a password. When creating a lotto login NZ, you will need a bank account and a form of identification. These are required, so you can receive the money you win when playing the lottery, and because you must be over 18 years old. A passport or a driving licence are acceptable forms of identification.

2. How to Play MyLotto NZ

Now you know how to generate a lotto login NZ, it is time to look at how to play MyLotto NZ. The first thing to note is that there are various games available at MyLotto NZ, including the standard lotto, Powerball, Strike, MyLotto Keno, MyLotto Bullseye, and MyLotto Instant Kiwi.

Each of the games plays differently, and you will need to familiarize yourself with each of them before you pay to enter. Also, if you are constantly looking for the best possible deals for online casinos, or bookmakers, we prepared a list of codes for the bonus, which should serve this purpose.

The lotto game involves picking six numbers from 1 to 40 and if you can match all six numbers and the bonus ball, you win the top prize. You can also choose to play Striker and Powerball, which changes how you can win when playing MyLotto New Zealand. Match any of the first four balls in the order, they are drawn to win the top prize in the Strike game.

If the winning lotto line also has the correct Powerball number (from 1 to 10), the winning prize is increased. You must enter at least four lines to purchase a lotto ticket and do not forget to check the MyLotto NZ results to see if you are a winner. In terms of the chances of winning Lotto NZ it all depends on the type of draw you enter but for the Powerball, the chances of winning the jackpot are 1:38,383,800.

Moving on and how to play MyLotto NZ Keno involves picking 20 numbers and trying to match them when the draw is made. The draw is random and from a total of 80 balls. There is also a multiplier number drawn out of 1.5, 2, 3, 5, and 10.

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When playing MyLotto Bullseye, you must pick a six-digit number and the closer your number is to the six-digit number drawn, the more money you could win. To start, you must pick a six-digit number from 000000 to 999999.

You can also, like with the lotto, choose the lucky dip option and let the system generate a number for you. Moreover, if you are interested in starting to play other popular games, like Aviator, we suggest checking our article on how to play aviator game and win to kickstart your journey!

Finally, we come to MyLotto Instant Kiwi and you can play this game online using the website or by taking advantage of the Lotto NZ app Android download. For those who have never played an Instant Kiwi game, you can choose the demo version to get a feel of the game before you play using real money.

3. MyLotto NZ – Prizes

You can check MyLotto NZ results on the website, or you can follow the lotto draws live on television. Same as with the Bitstarz bonus mobile app, you can also use the MyLotto NZ app to see if you are a winner.

If you choose to play the Instant Kiwi game, you will know instantly if you have won and do not have to check MyLotto co NZ results. In terms of the MyLotto rewards you can expect if you win, however, this differs depending on the game you have entered.

For example, the Lotto First Division prize is $1 million for every draw guaranteed, while the Powerball jackpot starts at $4 million and increases with every draw until it is won or reaches $50 million. The Strike jackpot also increases until it is won and, at the time of writing, the jackpot for that game sits at $200,000.

You can win up to $250,000 playing MyLotto Keno and over $100,000 if successful on the MyLotto Bullseye. The top prize when playing the MyLotto Instant Kiwi game is $20,000 and that can be won with a $2 stake, and to increase your winnings on sports betting or online casinos, we suggest checking the Megapari promo code for players from New Zealand.

The lotto winners NZ are never publicly listed on the website, so if you win big, you do not have to worry about everyone in the country knowing you are a millionaire. However, if you do win a big prize, you will need to confirm your bank details again to ensure you receive the money safely into your account.

If you use the lotto app New Zealand, you will receive a notification to say if you have won. However, do not rely on the notification and always login to check the results for yourself.

4. MyLotto NZ – FAQ

4.1 ▶️ Can I play MyLotto NZ online?

Yes, you can create an account on the official website and play all the MyLotto NZ games online.

4.2 ⏲️ What time does lotto close NZ?

The draw for the main lotto game takes place on Wednesday and Saturday each week. Entry closes at 7:30pm on both Wednesday and Saturday for the draw.

4.3 🏆 Who is the youngest lotto winner NZ

The youngest lotto winner in New Zealand is believed to be Angela Williams, who was 18 when she won $250,000 from lotto NZ in 1988.

4.4 ❓ How to Enter Lotto NZ

How to play MyLotto NZ is straightforward, and you can follow our guide on this page for the full process. Moreover, there is no need for a special MyLotto promo code to enter the lottery!

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