Ice Hockey Betting Tips

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Ice Hockey Betting Tips

As a fast-paced team sport with lots of exciting and often violent action, ice hockey has no shortage of hard core fans and casual followers all around the world, constantly monitoring the latest ice hockey betting tips. Understandably, it’s played more frequently on the Northern Hemisphere and some of the cold countries like Sweden or Canada are completely crazy about this sport.

This level of global interest didn’t go unnoticed by the sports betting industry, so there are countless websites offering ice hockey betting odds or the opportunity to place wagers. Among the best websites that allow you to make bets on hockey are Unibet and bet365, to name just a few market-leading providers that serve the entire world.

Since this sport is highly specific and features a lot of tactical play, bettors need to become more familiar with some of the principles and trends present in the game before they can maximize their chances. The following ice hockey tips should help you predict the outcomes of various competitions more accurately and take full advantage of favorable odds when available.

1. Ice Hockey Betting Tips

As a team sport that requires collaboration of offensive and defensive players, ice hockey offers a lot of opportunities for sports betting, most of which revolve around goal scoring.

The most common type of hockey bet is prediction of the game winning team and you can find plenty of places with ice hockey betting tips that explain how to utilize this betting style while staying mindful of the home ice advantage. A crucial thing to pay attention to are winning margins, since they play into the strategy of handicap betting that is frequently deployed in hockey. A visit to the best hockey prediction site can allow you to compare handicaps on different games. You could also try to predict which team is going to score first, as well as the total number of goals scored in the entire game.

The timing of your bet is another important factor, and you can place the wager weeks in advance in case of high profile events or wait until the match starts to try sniping good opportunities through in-play betting.

With so many options at your disposal, finding sure hockey tips for every major competition should be very easy.

2. Main Ice Hockey Leagues

There are several very competitive hockey leagues that attract the attention of bettors, including two professional international organizations that stand out from the field.

National Hockey League brings together 31 teams from North America (including both US and Canada) and is widely considered the best ice hockey league in the world. Established in 1917, NHL has an excellent media profile, dedicated fan base, and a pool of elite players from the whole world, which explains why it’s extensively covered on most free hockey betting tips and predictions sites. With 82 games per team in the regular season and multi-round playoffs, NHL provides plenty of betting opportunities for the better part of the year.

Meanwhile, Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) appeared in 2008 to provide an interesting alternative, with 23 teams from Russia, China, Belarus, Finland, Kazakhstan, and Latvia participating at the moment. The level of play in the KHL is very high, and more and more fans are trying to make ice hockey predictions for its matches.

There are also a few national leagues worth following, most notably Swedish Hockey League and Czech Extraliga, where you can find additional betting propositions that offer solid returns.

3. The Most Popular Hockey Tournaments

In addition to professional leagues, hockey is played at the international level by national selections through a variety of events. The most important tournament is played within the Winter Olympics, where ice hockey is one of the most anticipated events and one of the most fan-friendly team disciplines.

Another hugely important tournament is the IIHF World Championships, which spawned from the Olympic tournament but has been an independent event for a long time. This tournament is played every year, and it features 16 national teams from the entire world, the majority coming from Europe and North America.

Those tournaments are typically well represented in every ice hockey betting tips app and they draw out a huge number of casual bettors who otherwise don’t follow the sport too closely. If you are one of them, you can read our Unibet VIP bonus code review and back your favourite team at this brand's website.

Since the best NHL and KHL players usually suit up for their native countries at such tournaments, watching those games live is better preparation for league betting than spending all of your time at a hockey prediction site.

4. The Best Ice Hockey Odds

Normally, any bettor is searching for the most favorable odds on bets he believes will come through, so comparing the odds available at Unibet and other bookmaking sites is a key part of the process. For instance, if you are looking for ice hockey both teams to score tips, you need to make sure that the available odds make such a bet reasonable.

Odds for teams to outright win their leagues or major tournaments tend to change over time, and may swing dramatically between one round of the competition and the next. For this reason, it’s necessary to adjust your ice hockey betting predictions in line with the latest information you have and to target those markets that are currently undervalued.

Skilled bettors can combine several types of bets on the same ticket and thus maximize the odds without incurring unreasonable risk. However, less experienced players would probably be wise to stick to basic options such as handicap betting and ice hockey over/under predictions. Try your luck, using our William Hill VIP bonus code.

5. The Most Popular Bets on Ice Hockey

As we previously explained, ice hockey offers a diverse range of wagers to choose from and allows bettors to attempt various tactical approaches. Some of those betting modes are very straightforward, while others require a more nuanced understanding of the sport. Here are some of the most popular hockey bets explained in simple language accessible to anyone:

5.1 Ice Hockey Over/Under Predictions

In short, making a hockey over and under prediction means guessing how many total goals will be scored by both teams during a match. For example, if the over/under threshold is set at 3.5 for a particular match and you pick over, you need both teams to score at least 4 goals combined in order for you to win. If team A wins against team B by 2:1 or vice versa, your bet will fail. Thus, winners and losers are irrelevant for this type of bet, and you are only interested in the number of goals.One of the websites, where you can place such bets is bet365. If you want to find more details about it, read our article about bet365 VIP bonus code for bettors.

5.2 Hockey 1x2 Bet

1x2 betting is a simple concept with three possible outcomes, with 1 referring to a win by the home team, X to a draw, and 2 to a win by the visitors. Picking any of the three options at fixed odds allows the bettor to collect if he correctly predicts the final outcome. While hockey games typically go to overtime if the score is tied at the end of regulation, for the purposes of betting this can be considered an X outcome. Almost every ice hockey prediction website provides ice hockey betting tips 1x2 format, so it’s very easy for inexperienced players to learn how to place such bets with success.

If you decide to back your favourite ice hockey team, we encourage you to visit our website and search through the articles about available exclusive bonuscodes for sports betting fans to increase your potential profits.

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