Winter Olympics 2022 Betting Odds

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Winter Olympics 2022 Betting Odds

After four long years of waiting, we can finally enjoy another Winter Games and it's a great time to take a look at the latest Winter Olympics 2022 betting odds. Although as many as 90 countries are participating in this year's Winter Olympics, bookmakers agree there is just one strong contender among Winter Olympics 2022 gold medals favourites. Currently, Winter Olympics betting odds released by Unibet set Norway at just 1.15 to become the country with the most medals won overall.

From ice hockey and ski jumping to curling and snowboarding, the best winter sports athletes are ready to give their best to win gold medals. Of course, there'll be a lot of surprises and in our Winter Olympics preview we try to spot the possible results so you can use our Winter Olympics 2022 predictions to place your winning bets. Keep reading to reveal where to find the highest Winter Games 2022 gold medal odds and how to find free Winter Olympics 2022 live stream.

1. Winter Olympic Games 2022 Preview

Fans should be ready for over two weeks of action with the first Winter Olympics 2022 events starting on the 4th of February and the last ones ending on the 20th of February. For the second time in a row, Winter Games are held in Asia. This time, China is the host with the National Stadium in Beijing as the main venue. Overall, there are over twenty venues prepared for athletes to compete. Interestingly, due to controversies regarding the political situation in China, many countries decided not to send their officials to this year's Winter Olympic Games.

Winter Olympics 2022 Preview

Winter Olympics 2022 Details
Host City Beijing (China)
Participating Nations 90
Events 109 events in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Opening Ceremony 4 February 2022
Closing February 20 February 2022

Seven sports, fifteen disciplines, and over one hundred events – this is what Winter Olympics 2022 are made of. As you may expect, there are many Winter Olympics betting opportunities in every one of them – of course, most of them are limited to Winter Olympics 2022 gold medals betting odds. Still, there are many events where there are a lot of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics betting favourites, which results in Winter Games odds being very close.

I watched Jimmy Carter do it, and it was terrible. Hurts the athletes. There are much more powerful things we can do that — much, much more powerful things. That's not a powerful thing. It almost makes us look like, I don't know, sore losers. The Chinese president is a killer but I had a great relationship with him. - Donald Trump about boycotting Winter Olympics in Beijing, CNN

2. Winter Olympics Betting Odds

As we've already touched upon the most recent Winter Olympics 2022 medals odds, let's take a look at the most important markets and categories around which you can focus your Winter Olympic Games 2022 bets. There is a little surprise in the fact that Norway is the country clearly favoured in the current Beijing Winter Olympics betting odds. Because they have a lot of incredibly talented athletes, Unibet offers very low Winter Olympics 2022 gold medals betting odds for Norway winning in both most gold medals and most medals in total.

Honestly, there aren't many nations that can be considered as a real threat for the Norwegians. When you look at the Winter Games 2022 odds released by Unibet, you can see that only Germany is close enough to be named serious Winter Olympics betting favourites. Canada, the USA, and the Russian Olympic Committee are some other Winter Olympics 2022 odds favourites, but it's really hard to imagine any of them being the best in one of the medals classifications.

2.1 Winter Olympics 2022 Ice Hockey Betting Odds

Men's ice hockey is one of the most popular sports among all the Winter Games competitions. Normally, the USA would be considered a huge contender, but as NHL didn't agree to let its players go to Beijing, the American team is rather an outsider here. Instead, Winter Games hockey gold medal odds see Russia as the main favourite. They are priced at 2.85 at Unibet, mainly because they can bring all of their key players from their national league. Winter Olympics 2022 hockey odds available at Unibet set Finland, Sweden, and Canada as the next big contenders with Germany and Switzerland being considered nothing more than solid underdogs.

2.2 Winter Olympics 2022 Ski Jumping Odds

Many fans expect ski jumping competitions to be one of the most exciting Winter Games events this year. According to the latest Winter Olympics Beijing ski jumping winner betting odds, it's Ryoyu Kobayashi who can grab gold medals in both normal and large hill contests. He's priced at a little bit over 2.00 in each of them with Unibet, which shouldn't be a surprise based on his current form. Ski jumping betting odds for Winter Olympics in 2022 have Halvor Granerud, Marius Lindvik, and Karl Geiger as the other big favourites to win medals.

2.3 2022 Winter Olympic Games Curling Winner Odds

Curling may not be the most exciting and entertaining of winter sports, but you can be sure that both men's and women's tournaments are always of the highest quality. When it comes to men's Winter Olympics 2022 curling gold medal odds, Great Britain (4.25), Canada (3.75), and Sweden (4.25) are the nations who are favoured by Unibet with more betting opportunities listed in the table below. You shouldn't be surprised that exactly the same countries are among the strongest gold medal candidates according to the men's Winter Olympics Games curling betting odds released by Unibet.

3. Winter Olympics 2022 Betting Predictions

Given how unpredictable Winter Olympics can be, it's quite hard to prepare accurate Winter Olympics predictions. However, we selected some Winter Games 2022 sure predictions for you, so you can use them to make your winnings. Our main 2022 Winter Olympics Beijing prediction is for Russia to win the men's ice hockey competition. With the USA being without their best NFL players, it's really hard to make a case for any other team to defeat the Russians. Remember to follow our latest betting predictions and tips for all ice hockey competitions all over the world provided in the related article.

Our other Winter Games 2022 Beijing betting predictions include Ryoyu Kobayashi to win at least one gold medal in ski jumping. This season, he's the best jumper in the world, having recently won the Four Hills Tournament and being the FIS World Cup leader. Sweden and Canada are our top bets in Winter Olympics betting predictions for curling. Finally, betting on multiple medals for Norway in cross-country skiing and biathlon is also a valuable 2022 Winter Olympics prediction as Norwegian athletes usually dominate in these competitions.

3.1 Winter Olympics Free Bet

You'll be happy to know you can bet on Winter Olympics 2022 without risking your stake. This is because betting websites such as Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet offer Winter Olympics 2022 free bets bonuses for new players. Just register as a new player, place your first coupon and if it's lost, you'll get a refund in form of free bets up to €50 at Bet365, €40 at Unibet, and €30 at William Hill.

3.2 How to Bet on Winter Olympics 2022

There isn't anything hard in betting on 2022 Winter Olympics. Just choose our Winter Olympics 2022 prediction you like the most. For example, it may be Russia to win a gold medal in ice hockey. Then use our links and promo codes to register at any of our most recommended bookmakers including Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet. Then just find markets offered for Winter Games events and place your 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics bet. Remember that you can also join our 1x2 Tipster League contest with weekly prizes as there'll be some Winter Olympics events to predict the final score daily and win.

4. Winter Games Live Streaming

In most countries in Europe, it's Eurosport that offers Winter Olympics 2022 live transmission on television. You can also find Winter Games live broadcast on some other channels such as BBC in the United Kingdom. However, if you don't have access to TV, you can try to find free Winter Olympics 2022 online stream. Just check whether brands like Bet365 and Unibet provide live coverage for certain events. Depending on your location, you may be able to enjoy Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 free streaming on any device you want.

5. Winter Olympics 2022 FAQ

5.1 🥇 Who is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games?

China is the host of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the National Stadium in Beijing is the main venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.

5.2 🥇 Who is the favourite to win the most gold medals?

According to bookmakers, Norway is the number one candidate to finish this year's Winter Games with the biggest number of gold medals.

5.3 🥇 Where to bet on Winter Olympics 2022 events?

Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet are the best sportsbooks for your betting including Winter Olympics 2022 live bets.

5.4 🥇 What is the best Winter Olympics Beijing 2022 bet?

We advise you to bet on Russia to win a gold medal in the men's ice hockey tournament. You can do it at Bet365, Unibet, or William Hill as these brands offer the highest Winter Olympics 2022 betting odds.

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