Basketball Betting Tips

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Basketball Betting Tips

Basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, especially in North America and Europe. In recent years, the sport has taken over new regions by storm, with East Asia and Australia making strides regarding the quality of their leagues, while Africa is increasingly serving as fertile grounds for recruiting future superstars. Basketball betting is also widespread globally, as fans seek new ways to get involved with their favorite teams and players. We also see this in growing interest in our guide about bonus codes for online players, where basketball is the most popular sport. It's not surprising that three NBA teams (Knicks -5th, Lakers -8th, Warriors -9th) are among world's Top10 most valuable sports teams according to Forbes. Knicks value is $4 billion! With the fan base rapidly growing, accurate basketball tips are always in high demand and good advice regarding basketball predictions can be worth a lot.

With this in mind, we decided to summarize basketball tips for today and basketball tips for tomorrow into a comprehensive guide that can be equally useful to first-time bettors and veteran basketball fans looking to find a betting edge. In other words, if you want to win some money on basketball, try adhering to the following rules.

1. Basketball Betting Tips Guide

You need elite players to win big in any sport, but in basketball this trend is even more pronounced than in soccer or American football. The team with the best individual player usually prevails, especially in elimination-type formats such as the NBA playoffs or the later stages of international tournaments. This doesn’t mean you should never bet on solid, low-profile teams in basketball, just that you shouldn’t expect them to win championships very often.

Another implication that you should take into account when making best basketball predictions is that an injury to just one player can dramatically impact the probabilities of winning. While sportsbooks typically take good care to adjust the odds when a marquee player is out, there are last-minute decisions to sit out that can be exploited if you are able to get this information right before the game and make the appropriate bet immediately.

2. Basketball Over/Under Betting Predictions

When betting on some sports like tennis or boxing, you can find low-return bets that are almost certain to come through. In basketball, this is much harder to do, since even the best teams are known to unexpectedly drop games to far inferior opponents, even at home. This trend is especially notable in the NBA, where the grueling 82-game regular season schedule coupled with intense travel can cause teams to experience fatigue or crises of motivation. Of course, this creates an opportunity for adventurous bettors to chase upsets, although this basketball betting strategy is rather risky and requires a willingness to endure a lot of mistakes in order to strike gold every once in a while.

If you are looking for sure basketball tips, you might be disappointed to learn that such opportunities are few and far between, especially in highly competitive leagues.

3. Basketball Bets

Many sportsbooks offer the opportunity to wager not only on the outcome of the game, but also on the performance of individual players or other details related to the game like a classic basketball under/over predictions. In this matter, we really like the offer of Sports Interaction and their Sports Interaction bonus. It’s very tempting to back up your favorite player to score 30 points or grab 10 rebounds, but you should know that even the best players in basketball experience a great deal of variation from one game to another.

Some experts might argue that this type of bet should always be avoided in your basketball sure bets list, although in certain situation it could be prudent to do it if the bookmaker lowers the thresholds enough to provide good value. If you do bet on individual players, at least make sure you pick team leaders who are guaranteed to play big minutes.

4. Basketball Betting Strategies

While players tend to be all over the map when it comes to game-to-game consistency, teams behave more predictably on the collective level. This is a logical consequence of coaching strategy and team makeup – it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a team with a lot of good shooters to hit a lot of three-pointers almost every game.

If you are willing to put in some hours to research the trends, you could formulate a sound basketball betting strategy based on the observed patters. However, you need to be careful not to overreact to small sample data – a few good games early in the season are not enough to establish a team as reliable in a certain category. To find consistent statistical features of certain teams, it’s necessary to follow the numbers for a month or two at least.

5. Basketball Handicaps

Sometimes you don’t have to identify a true upset to take advantage of good odds. One of the most important basketball betting tips is to make good use of handicapped matchups. For example, a betting shop might let you bet that the underdog will lose by less than a certain amount of points, so if the team you back manages a close game, you don’t have to worry about a last-second shot ruining your ticket. The odds on handicapped games are typically evened out in this way, so you can gain moderate value with a moderate amount of risk.

On the flip side, picking favorites on handicapped games will increase the payout compared to an outright bet to win, although there will be a minimum scoring margin that will have to be reached.

If you feel really strong about your skills regarding score predictions of basketball games, then you can be interested in another type of bets, which is exact score betting. You can check out our correct score bets guide to learn more about it.

6. Basketball Betting 1x2 Tips

In every sport, playing at home increases the chances of winning, but in basketball, this advantage is unevenly distributed.

As we previously mentioned, heavily favored teams sometimes lose at home when the stakes are low, but not so much when they are fully engaged and face potential elimination. Home crowds are also far more boisterous when their teams advance to postseason play, which makes it harder for the challenger to come in and steal a victory.

Some of the best basketball 1x2 betting tips revolve around identifying sure winners, and this may be easier to do once the competition enters a deep stage. It’s also easier to bet on basketball teams that you are familiar with, and those that qualify for the Olympics medal rounds or NBA Finals are usually well-known squads full of veteran stars.

7. Basketball Parlay Builder

One of the best tools that can help you in your basketball betting story, when it comes to basketball over/under tips for today or any other your best basketball prediction, is Basketball Parlay Builder from bet365.

NBA Basketball Parlay Builder
Sports Betting Offer

You can build bets on two NBA games and place them as a Parlay Builder 2-Team Parlay or add bets from other basketball games (or any other sport!) and combine into one parlay. Check out bet365 for more details about their great feature!

8. Basketball Season Bets

Again, basketball is a high-variance sport if we are talking about a single game, yet it’s not nearly as unpredictable on the level of a whole season or tournament.

Betting on a legitimate contender well before the competition even starts is a solid basketball betting strategy, but it must be executed carefully and impartially. You don’t want to overreact to offseason changes and place risky bets on teams that are good only on paper.

On the other hand, very early bets can pay off handsomely if your hunch was correct, since the odds quickly deteriorate once the previously underestimated team starts stringing victories. That’s why even a small wager can net you a great deal of cash in case you made it during the summer when the betting shops were still operating without enough hard data.

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