Sure Betting Tips

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Sure Betting Tips

When browsing for betting tips and predictions online you will have come across something known as sure bets. As you may have experienced from your own betting exploits, there are occasions when you will lose, regardless of the research you have done ahead of placing the bet.

Sure bets aim to take away the risk of losing and give you a win every time. That’s the theory, so let’s take a look at an example before discussing where you can find good sure betting tips.

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1. Sure Bet Example

Sure bets allow you to make use of the differences between the odds at various bookmakers. In other words, a sure bet will see you cover all the options of a betting market to ensure a profit. You will place a bet on every outcome, so whichever comes through, you are guaranteed a win. But bookmakers have their differences when it comes to bonuses also. You should be aware that 1XBET voucher code is different from voucher code William Hill for example. You can check it all out at our website.

So, what you are looking for is differences in odds between two bookmakers on the same event and a tennis match is a good example.

Let’s say Roger Federer is playing Novak Djokovic. At bookmaker A, Federer is 9/10 to win the match and Djokovic is 1/1 or Evens. At bookmaker B, Federer is 6/5 to win the match and Djokovic is 7/10. If you place a bet of 100 Euro on Djokovic to win at 1/1 using bookmaker A and 90 Euro for Federer to win at 6/5 with bookmaker A, you are guaranteed to make a profit of 8 Euro.

Without going into the finer details, you can work out why, whatever the outcome, you stand to make 8 Euro from the bet. Of course you can bet more funds,espacially, when you use a Unibet promotional code. This is a very basic example and you will be lucky to find a clear cut sure bet like this looking on your own.

That’s where sure bet predictions come into play. You can take advantage of free sure tips online and this means you do not have to do any of the work. Some of the methods and mathematics can be tough and we will take a look where you can get sure tips for today shortly.

Firstly, let’s look at the key elements you must focus on when making a sure bet.

2. Key Aspects of Sure Bets

The first thing you will probably notice is the amount of money won on the sure bet example above. It was not very much and to make a significant profit, you will need to have a high level of investment or be making several sure bets at the same time.

To find a sure bet yourself, you will need to search many different online bookmakers and compare and contrast their odds. This can be very time consuming as you will also need to work out how much you have to stake on each bet to make a profit.

Odds can change very quickly and while you are busy searching other bookmakers, the one you planned on using has changed their odds. This can be very frustrating and is why we recommend using sure bet tips. Another aspect to consider is your own research. For example, many of the top tipsters read academic publications, such as an analytical study into bookmaker odds and outcomes to try and gain an advantage by employing raw statistical data in their betting strategies.

3. Sure Bet Tips

Some websites online will offer free sure tips and you can use their knowledge to work out the intricacies of the bet, leaving you to simply place the bet. However, you still need to check yourself that the sure betting tips offered are correct and the winnings for each bet works out as stated. You do not want to place the bets only to find the amounts or the odds are wrong and you end up losing money.

Regardless of whether you are looking for sure bets for today or sure bets for tomorrow , you will find them online. Our website is also one that you can check your sure bet predictions. Just remember that you should never place a sure bet without confirming the odds and stake yourself.

4. 1x2 Contest

If you would rather show off your own knowledge of betting, especially on football, the 1x2 contest at BonusCodes is the place for you. Here you can enter a competition each week by predicting the outcome of various games around the world.

When you make a correct prediction, you will receive a number of points equal to the odds of the event. The person who gathers the most points at the end of the round is the winner. The top seven tipsters will share a pool prize of €150 every week, with the winnings being transferred straight to your PayPal account.

Another contest, when you are able to use your sure tips is our baseball contest. The rules are very simple and you can check them on this page.

So, you can have fun taking advantage of free sure tips but also enjoy playing the 1x2 contests at BonusCodes, which is also free of charge.

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