Champions League Tipster League

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Champions League Tipster League

It is, undoubtedly, the most prestigious and high-profile club competition in world football.

Every team on the continent wants to win the Champions League, but only one can get their hands on that famous trophy each season.

The Champions League is also one of the most wagered upon competitions in sport by bettors who have their own opinions on who will win, and a similar idea is what has driven the popularity of Champions League tipster leagues in recent years.

The premise behind a Champions League tipster league is simple: you simply have to select how you think the matches will finish. Will it be a home win, away win or a draw? Answer those questions correctly on a consistent basis and you stand every chance of being an excellent tipster. So rules are pretty much similar to any football tipping competition that we know of or our own baseball tipster contest.

The great thing about entering a Champions League tipster 1x2 contest is that you can show off your football knowledge to the world, and whether it’s just for a bit of fun against your friends or to win Champions League tipster competition prizes, what better way is there to let everybody see your skills?

Here at Bonuscodes we run our own free Champions League competition, where there’s cash prizes to be won on a weekly basis.

Make your picks, watch them win and then pocket a share of the €150 weekly prize fund! We’ll tell you more about our Champions League soccer tipster league later in this article.

If you are interested in entering a tipster league, but are looking for some ideas to help improve your picks, here’s some pointers that might just make you a better tipster.

1. How To Win

It’s the thing that makes football bettors money, and will ultimately be the difference between you winning a soccer tipster competition and not.

The secret ingredient? Being able to analyse who is going to win a specific football match.

Of course, if it was that easy then all of the bookmakers would go out of business, all of the sports bettors would be millionaires living on super yachts and a soccer 1x2 contest would be pointless to enter!

Being consistently right when it comes to predicting football winners is difficult, and so you will need to do lots of groundwork to ensure your tips have a chance of being successful.

If you want to give yourself the best chance, make sure you do your homework and research some of the items on our shortlist below:

1.1 The Formbook

This is the first, and most important, thing to consider. You should only be tipping teams to win that are in form: that goes without saying.

The temptation is to look at the league table for guidance, but remember this is a reflection of the teams’ abilities over a long period of time. What you need to know is the here and now.

So check out the formbook for the past six weeks of the season, and this will give you an excellent idea of who to tip and who to avoid at all costs.

There are lots of different reasons for changes in form, from injuries to managerial changes and loss of confidence, so this is the best guide tipsters have at their disposal.

1.2 Head-to-Head

Another good marker for how a particular game might go is to explore the head-to-head records of the two teams.

Of course, this can be more difficult when it comes to the Champions League because there will be times when the teams haven’t met before, or at least not for a long time.

But even so, if they have played each other in recent seasons, this is an excellent resource.

1.3 Team News

Even the very best football teams in the world are reliant on a couple of players that really make them tick.

Take Lionel Messi away from Barcelona, Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City or Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus and they simply aren’t as dangerous as when their key men are present.

So do take your time to do your research. Who are the teams’ most important players? Are they carrying an injury or suspended? Have they been rested?

Checking team news and rumours via social media is another useful tool for making your tips more accurate.

1.4 Home vs Away

In the Champions League, some teams have to travel huge distances for their away matches.

Also, these can take place in unusual conditions, e.g. teams from typically hot climates can struggle when travelling to Scandinavia or parts of Eastern Europe.

Don’t forget that some teams in the Champions League play on artificial pitches as well; that can be something of a learning curve to overcome.

So think about the two teams in a game and the conditions they will face; they can make all the difference.

So it is a little bit different than situation with a Premier League tipster competition, where teams play on the same kind of the pitch every week and are from the same region of Europe of course

1.5 Champions League History

Some teams have a long and storied history in the Champions League, and others will be making their debut or at least be new to the competition.

That can have a bearing on the outcome of the game: when that famous Champions League music starts up, it can really affect the confidence levels of the players involved.

For that reason, many tipsters prefer to go with the team that has Champions League experience in the locker, although of course this is not an exact science.

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2. Football Tipster League Rules

Each different contest has its own football tipster league rules, and you really should get to grips with these before you enter the competition – let along make your selections.

The Champions League soccer 1x2 contest rules will outline exactly how you can win the prize. How are points scored? What time do predictions have to be in by? What happens if two or more tipsters finish up on an equal number of points?

Reading the contest rules will ensure that you are fully aware of how to win the competition as well as any terms and conditions that you need to know. It is human nature not to read the rules – it’s much more exciting to just start making your tips, but who knows you might actually learn something from them that separates success and defeat in your tips.

3. Bonus Codes’ Champions League Tipster League

If this article has really whetted your appetite to enter a new Champions League tipster league, then right here at Bonuscodes we might just have a competition that you will love.

For every Champions League gameweek, you can enter your tips for the matches we have carefully selected, with the aim of accumulating as many points as possible.

The tipster that gains the most points will win the weekly cash prize, while some of the other top performing performers will also pocket a payout, which will be paid directly to you by us via PayPal. There is even a ‘Coupon of the Day’ prize, which goes to show how important it is to keep checking and making your tips for every round of matches.

It is really easy to get involved in our Champions League tipster competition, and the very best bit is that it is completely FREE to enter! Yes, you read that correctly, it does not cost a single cent or penny to enter our competition, and yet you can win actual cash prizes.

To enter, all you need to do is click on the contest you wish to join – of course, making sure you have an active Bonuscodes account up and running.

Then it’s easy to make your picks, and who knows maybe you could join our library of past winners who have put their Champions League knowledge to the test?

4. Champions League Tipster League FAQ

If you have any further questions about entering a Champions League tipster league, or the rules that govern these, then you might find some of them answered below.

4.1 How do I win a Champions League tipster league?

There is no shortcut to making successful football betting tips, but you can certainly help your chances by following a number of the guidelines identified in this article to do with team news, form and so on.

And don’t forget to take a look at the bookmakers’ Champions League odds too: these firms employ some of the sharpest mathematical minds around to make sure that their prices are as accurate as possible.

4.2 Is it free to enter a Champions League tipster league?

It depends on the individual competition; sometimes it is free – like the tipster league here at Bonus Codes – and other times there is charge.

But when you can enter for free and still win cash prizes, why would you pay to enter a contest?

4.3 What are the football 1x2 contest rules?

These tend to vary across the board, and so it makes sense to visit both the rules page and the terms and conditions of the tipster league that you plan to enter. This will improve your understanding of the game, and ensure you don’t fall foul of any of the smallprint!

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