Football Betting Tips

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Football Betting Tips

For the majority of bettors in the UK and across Europe, football remains the most popular sport to wager on and this is why it's vital to follow the latest football betting tips. There are so many leagues around the world going on that it can be quite dizzying for punters as they scroll through the football section of their chosen betting sites and apps, and that’s where utilising football betting predictions can be so important.

This is where you can take advantage of the knowledge base of tipsters who offer predictions on their chosen leagues and matches. Sometimes this will be a competition in which they have an ‘edge’, e.g. a person from Sweden who offers tips on the Swedish leagues. Other times it can be a tipster who is good at spotting value bets, or somebody who has access to great information about team news, injuries and that sort of thing. So, if you have been reluctant up until now, perhaps you should open your mind about the possibilities of free football tips of the day when they are available.

Of course, if you choose to go your own way then there are some basic principles you should follow regarding free football betting tips of the day.

1. Smart Betting Tips

We bet you often wonder whether there are any free football betting tips for this weekend. First things first, you have to do your research if you want the best possible chance of securing long-term profit from your betting. This is how you find the best football bets of the day because the information is key to good betting. When you have done your research, you can start putting together your own bet tips of the day. Here are some of the areas you should be considering.

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1.1 League Table

This is the most basic info to support your football betting. The table never lies, and so you can use it as a good guide for placing your bets as it tells you how consistent teams have been over a longer period of time. Of course, caution is advised when looking at a league table that is still in its infancy early in the season. You could solely use the table to make your bet of the day prediction, but we always recommend digging a bit deeper.

1.2 Current Form

This is a fantastic guide because it tells you more than the league table does. A team could be bottom of the league but if they have won three games in a row, should you be betting against them? Improvements can be made when a new manager comes in, new signings are made or players return from injury, so we always recommend checking out the current form guide being hitting that ‘place bet’ button.

1.3 Team News

This is another key piece of research when selecting your pick of the day. Some teams really struggle when a certain player(s) are out injured or suspended, so doing your homework is key. You can use websites, which reveal key stats for each player such as goals scored, assists, key passes, tackles completed and so on. If a team has one or more key players missing, they can be opposed. Our advice is to place your bets as late as possible before a match starts, so you can take advantage of the team news.

1.4 Head to Heads

Sometimes, we can gain useful information by studying the head-to-head histories between two teams. We’re not talking about Team A beating Team B three times in a row 20 years ago, we’re talking about recent meetings where the results are relevant. These show how one team has the edge on another, whether it’s because of their tactics or the players they have at their disposal, so it’s something to consider in your bets.

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1.5 Advanced Stats

If you really want to try and maximise your edge, you can use advanced stats in your research. Concepts such as Expected Goals, Deep Completions and ‘Packing’ are far too complex to go into in great detail here, but we do recommend that you read up on these topics and see if they can help your betting.

2. Football Betting Strategies

Once you have become accustomed with the research required to become a successful bettor, you can decide where is the best place to play. People are usually looking for free bet opportunities like for example those coming with our 1XBET sports bonus code or LVBet affiliate code available in the related articles or any other bonus codes for sports betting that can be found on our website, because it is always a lower risk, when you bet with your bonus funds.

Now you need to decide which football betting strategy you want to follow. This will largely be determined by which of the betting markets you want to follow. Are you focusing your research on the 1x2 market, where you simply have to pick a winner? Maybe you prefer the goals-based markets, or believe your edge lies in player-based betting.

Once you have decided where you believe your best angle of attack lies, that’s when you can put together your strategy. You can choose to bet in singles, doubles or multiples, known as an accumulator. Single bets are lower risk, because you only need one selection to land for you. As for accumulators, there’s more risk because you need every leg of your bet to land, but the odds are multiplied together so you will win more money.

Also, you need to consider your staking plan too. How much are you going to bet? Are you going to wager the same amount each time, or bet more/less with each win/loss? If you are unsure about staking strategies, our advice is to read up on plans called Martingale, Fibonacci or the Maria strategy. These will give your betting some order and discipline, which is key for those seeking long-term profit.

3. How to Find the Best Football Betting Tips

You may decide that you want to follow professional tipsters in with their predictions, or check your own bets against the opinions of those that can be trusted. But how do you find football bets today that can be relied upon? There are tipster sites out there which record all of the wagers that are placed, so you can actually see which tipsters are delivering really good results for their followers. If you are not sure about this kind of tips, you can always test them after triggering our NEO bet promo code available in the related article.

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You could always bookmark the 1x2 contest at our website, where players make their tips on a specific selection of football matches and their results are collated. You can follow the leaderboard and check in with those who are producing phenomenal returns.

4. Win Cash Prizes with Your Tips

When you start to improve your betting and your tips are consistently yielding a profit, that’s when you can start considering how you can make these pay. Of course, when your tip of the day football is successful you make money through your betting, but why not try and double up with the 1x2 contest at our BonusCodes website. All you have to do is to find out what our contest is: go here and check what it is all about.

You can add your tips and see if you can make them pay: there are real cash prizes available for the bettors that deliver the most points per session – you can win as much as €50 each time. If you really want to show how good you are at delivering winning football betting tips, put your selections to the test and you can make money in the process with your good football bets for the weekend!

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