Football Tipster League

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Football Tipster League

With the new football season underway, now is the time to ensure you have signed up for a football tipster league or two so that you can show off your knowledge of the beautiful game to the world.

The great thing with a tipster league is that you can use you everything you know about the sport you love to make great tips that, ultimately, could lead to you winning cash and other prizes – depending on the competition you have entered.

Even if you want to play for fun, a free tipster competition is a fantastic way to see how much you really know about football!

1. Best Football Tipster League

If you are planning on entering a tipster 1x2 contest, what sort of thing should you be looking out for to ensure you are using your time wisely?

1.1 Good Prizes

First of all, many people get hung up on the prizes that are being offered. Look, we all want to win huge cash sums or fantastic rewards for our tips, but often contests that offer prizes that are too good to be true often are.

So what you need to make sure is that the platform providing the prizes has the means to make them happen.

We can only guarantee that leagues available on Bonuscodes: Baseball Tipster Competition and Free Tipster Football League, are for real.

Also, some tipster competition prizes are based on the season-long performance of your tips, which means you will have to wait for months before you can get your hands on your winnings!

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you are probably better off opting to enter a tipster competition where the prizes are awarded on a monthly or even weekly basis. That way, you have new excitement with every round of matches.

And don’t forget that there are FREE tipster competitions out there; you don’t have to spend money to enter some of the best contests.

1.2 Active Community

Logic dictates that you have a better chance of winning the prize if there are fewer tipsters competing for it.

That is statistically true, but don’t forget that many tipster competitions will base the size of their prize based upon the pool of players that are taking part.

And besides, it’s always more fun taking part in a soccer tipster league where there is an active community. That way, you can talk with your fellow tipsters and also enjoy the bragging rights when you win that weekly or monthly prize.

1.3 Understandable Rules

Sometimes, tipster contests will look to baffle you with complex rules, or worse still they won’t even publish their rules and terms & conditions on their site.

This is always a red flag, because it gives the operator the chance to take prizes away from you if you haven’t read the soccer 1x2 contest rules from start to finish.

So please, make sure you read the football tipster league rules before entering the competition. That way, you know exactly what you need to do to win – and you will identify any terms & conditions that the provider has hidden away regarding their prizes.

The best football tipster leagues are those which are transparent about their rules and their prizes, and they also provide a fun platform for their tipsters to enjoy.

Because, after all, a soccer tipster competition is supposed to be fun!

2. Tipster Competition - How To Win

There is no golden rule when it comes to winning a soccer 1x2 contest. But if you do follow some of the pointers below, then you will give yourself the best opportunity to profit.

These ideas are relevant to classic 1-X-2 contests, where your sole aim is to predict the outcome of the football match: be it a home win, away victory or a draw.

Even just by guessing, you have a 33% chance of winning, but we know that by doing some simple research we can improve that percentage yet further.

Here are some things to consider:

2.1 The Form

When analysing who they think will win a football match, most tipsters will look immediately for the league table to give them the best insight.

But remember: the league table is a snapshot of the whole season, which can span 38 weeks or more, and that does not necessarily give a good reflection of where the teams are at right now.

Instead, search out the form guide for their last four or six matches. That way, you will get a better indication of how they are performing right now. A team on a winning spree that is low in the league may have benefitted from a managerial change, may have signed new players and so on. So, we might conclude that their league position is ‘false’.

Also, early in the season the league table does not necessarily reflect the teams’ abilities either. That’s because they won’t have played each other yet, and also a small sample lends itself to freak results and unlucky scorelines having more impact on the points column.

2.2 Home/Away

Some teams hate playing away from home, whereas others positively cherish the opportunity.

We know that there is a home field advantage in football, but the extent of that can be analysed by looking at the home and away form of the teams on which you are tipping.

This information will help you to make accurate tips based on the matches in the contest. Make sure your selections are relevant to the home/away data you have discovered.

2.3 Injuries/Suspensions

It’s absolutely crucial to do your research in finding out which players aren’t available to their teams due to injuries, suspensions or other reasons.

As we know, some football teams rely on their star players – that could be to score goals, make assists, dominate midfield or be a supremely reliable goalkeeper.

The absence of a star name can severely damage a team’s confidence and capabilities – a great edge for you to exploit in your tips.

There are lots of different websites that tell us about goals, assists and also more ‘subtle’ stats such as tackle success rate, key passes, completed crosses and dribbled, and so on.

With a tipster competition that offers cash prizes an investment of your time, it is well worth getting to know the teams and players on which you will be tipping.

2.4 Squad Rotation

As you know, in each football season a team will have a number of different league and cup matches to play.

For clubs that find themselves challenging for silverware domestically, while also qualifying for the Champions League or Europa League, there is a decision to be made: which competition are they going to focus on, or are they going to try and compete on all fronts and stretch their plyers to the limits?

Usually, most managers will opt or some kind of squad rotation for the matches they perceive to be of less importance, and this will naturally have a knock-on effect to the success of your tips.

Make sure you do your research!

2.5 Head-to-Head

Not quite as important, but sometimes the head-to-head history between two teams can be revealing.

Maybe some teams struggle against certain tactics, or maybe they don’t like playing at certain stadiums or parts of the country.

For example, in the English Premier League even elite teams used to struggle against Stoke City just a few years back. They were aggressive, big, strong and used to play an old-fashioned brand of football, with Rory Delap’s long throw ins a thing of legend. And that is way our Premier League Tipster League tips come in hand.

Examining the head-to-head records would reveal something similar for leagues across the world.

So, if you want to be a successful tipster, be sure to use the handy pointers above, and your tips will surely be a lot more accurate and insightful.

3. Bonuscodes 1x2 Contest

While playing in a 1x2 contest is one thing, playing in a FREE 1x2 tipster contest where there are real prizes is even better!

At Bonuscodes, we have our very own tipster competition in which you can win a handsome weekly prize pool of €150.

And the winner of the Coupon of the Day also gets a bonus €5 to add to their bankroll.

It is really easy to sign up and join the contest, and each day you will be presented with a set of fixtures on which you can give your tips – remember, it’s home win, away win or the draw.

At the end of the week, the prize pool is dished out according to who has delivered the most winning tips – who knows, if you follow our recommendations above that could be you!

All prizes are paid out immediately to your PayPal account, so you will have the money nice and quickly as long as your account has been verified.

That’s everything you need to know about Bonuscodes’ 1x2 tipster competition. Oh, and did we mention that it is free to enter?

Sign up today, because that prize pool is just waiting to be won.

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