Liverpool vs Napoli Predictions

Liverpool vs Napoli Predictions

The fifth round of matches in the Champions League can often prove to be the most important, and that could certainly be the case in Group E.

Liverpool, on nine points, and Napoli on eight are all but through to the knockout phase of the competition, but remember there is a real importance to finishing top of the pile: that will ensure you get seeded for the Round of 16, and – presumably – avoid one of the bigger hitters.

There is stock to be had in qualifying with a game to spare, too. As the fixture list increases in intensity near to the festive period, it’s always welcome to give weary legs the night off.

Another factor that might help to concentrate the mind of Jurgen Klopp ahead of this game is that Liverpool’s last Group E fixture is at Red Bull Salzburg; a dangerous opponent who boast the continent’s most explosive goalscorer in Erling Braut Haland.

Group E

Team Record Goals Points
1. Liverpool 3-0-1 10-7 9
2. Napoli 2-0-2 6-3 8
3. Salzburg 1-1-2 12-10 4
4. Genk 0-1-3 4-12 1

There are plenty of factors to think about heading into this encounter at Anfield then, so how do we think it is going to go? Let’s take a look in our Liverpool vs Napoli preview.

1. Liverpool vs Napoli Betting Odds

The bookmakers are siding with the defending Champions League winners in their Liverpool vs Napoli betting odds, making the English team a comfortable 1.55 favourite.

That leaves the Italians lagging behind at a price of 5.50, with the draw available at 4.60.

2. Liverpool vs Napoli Preview

When we analyse football matches and try to predict how they are going to go, we look at so many different aspects and data points to give ourselves the best possible chance of betting success.

And yet, sometimes we only need to consider one key piece of information: as far as our Liverpool vs Napoli predictions are concerned, that is that the home team are now unbeaten on home soil in a staggering 45 games!

So the bottom line is this: Napoli are going to have to do something extraordinary to end Liverpool’s dominance at Anfield.

Are they capable? It’s certainly possible, especially when we factor in that the Italians beat the English outfit in the reverse fixture. Goals from Dries Mertens and Fernando Llorente got the Naples side off to the best possible start.

However, the only problem with that is that game took place in September, and there has been plenty of water under the bridge since then. For example, Liverpool have gone 15 games unbeaten since in this competition and the Premier League, winning 14 of them to confirm their status as one of the best teams in the world.

And we might conclude that Napoli are not the team they once were. When they were managed by Maurizio Sarri, they were a really dynamic, exciting and dangerous outfit, but under Carlo Ancelotti they aren’t quite the same.

Indeed, one look at their Serie A form reveals a team with only one win in their last six games.

In the Champions League, they have also dropped points against Salzburg and Genk, which does not give the impression of a team at the forefront of their form.

Given Liverpool’s dominance in front of their own supporters, we have to conclude that there is only one likely winner here.

3. Liverpool vs Napoli Betting Tips

Odds often determine whether a bet is a good idea or not, and in this case we can make the conclusion that backing Liverpool at 1.55 is fair game.

Their home record speaks for itself, and we have already seen that Napoli are not the force that they once were.

Of course, the Italians have shown that – on their day – they are capable of winning a game and upsetting the odds against the Merseysiders, but you suspect that will be a rare occurrence indeed.

And so our Liverpool vs Napoli betting tips are focused on the fact that Liverpool are a fair and deserving favourite here.

The switch from Sarri to Ancelotti has changed the nature of how Napoli have gone about their business. Whereas before they played attacking, enterprising football, now they are a touch more conservative and it doesn’t necessarily suit them.

That will make Liverpool’s task a whole lot easier here, and we are convinced that the Reds will win this match and win it well.

Liverpool Handicaps
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Liverpool -1 Bet with Unibet
Odds 2.40
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Liverpool -2 Bet with Unibet
Odds 4.60
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Last update: 1574780210

As such, we’re taking Liverpool with a -1 goal handicap at odds of 2.4.

4. Liverpool vs Napoli Live Stream

After you figure out all of your Liverpool vs Napoli picks you are looking for a place, where you can watch the match.

Lucky for you, 1XBET usually has a great live stream football offer and we hope that they will stream this match as well. All you have to do is register and enjoy.

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