NBA Betting Odds 2020/2021

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NBA Betting Odds 2020/2021

The best basketball league in the world has started a new season among the uncertainty created by the ongoing global pandemic and we can now say that NBA fixtures with NBA betting odds 2020/2021 are officially back. After playing the 2020 Playoffs within a self-contained bubble, NBA decided to allow teams to play in their home arenas while enacting very strict COVID19 prevention protocols and respecting local rules regarding the number of spectators present at games.

Despite all the changes, the quality of play remains incredibly high and all the best players are on the court to display their otherworldly skills with a roundball, Naturally, fans are very excited and are eagerly trying to guess which team will navigate the season most forcefully and make astute NBA 2020/21 betting predictions based on current makeup of teams.

1. NBA 2020/21 Preview

This year’s NBA calendar was interrupted by the pandemic, so the end of the 2019/20 season was delayed for several months. Consequently, the start of the NBA 2020/21 season was pushed back into late December, and the number of games per team was reduced to 72. In a condensed season like this one, it’s more difficult to accurately recognize title favorites and surprises are more likely, which creates a very exciting environment for betting. That’s why NBA winner odds 2020/21 recommendations must be taken with a lot of caution, especially in the early stages of the season.

Like so many other organizations, we’ll no doubt face our share of issues as we continue to operate through the pandemic. But we’re looking forward to getting back to work. - Adam Silver for SI

The impact of free agency and trades is yet to be determined, while the fact that the teams started playing with minimal preparation opens the door for mid-season breakouts as players become more comfortable with their roles and their teammates. Combined with the fact that the league is currently full of young talent on the brink of superstardom as well as all-time great veterans, this means that NBA 2020/21 predictions are less certain than they would be in an average season. A number of teams could end up winning the whole thing, and it will be fascinating to follow the action as they vie for supremacy atop of the best basketball league in the world.

2. NBA 2020/21 Betting Predictions

Any overview of this season’s NBA betting tips must start from how the last season ended. LeBron James and Anthony Davis won the trophy for the Lakers, and with Davis on a new contract they look well positioned to defend the title. Of course, this is not an easy task as a number of deep and experienced teams stand in their way, starting with cross-town rivals the Los Angeles Clippers. The return of Steph Curry could also put Golden State Warriors back into the playoff picture, while Denver, Utah, and Portland remain as formidable opponents in the Western Conference.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee Bucks are once again the favorites to come out of the East, with the reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo joined by a retooled support cast. Miami Heat will look to recapture its playoff form and get back to the NBA finals, with Boston, Philadelphia, and perhaps Toronto looking capable of causing an upset in the Eastern Conference. With several young teams (such as New Orleans or Atlanta) also showing a lot of improvement, it’s not a surprise that NBA 2020/21 outright odds are moving quickly from one week to another depending on the current level of play, injuries to key players, and other factors.

3. NBA 2020/21 Betting Odds

Of course, predicting the NBA champion is only one type of bet you can make. There are many other types of NBA predictions with free basketball betting tips today or tomorrow – over/under for the game, winner of an individual game, player performance in certain statistical categories, etc.

To make a winning bet on NBA basketball, it is essential that you follow the teams and players you are betting on and understand their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you want to bet on a favorite like the Lakers or the Bucks, you should be aware which players are healthy and how they have performed recently. Such analysis will allow you to make sense of NBA 2020/21 odds and hopefully identify some good betting propositions.

On the other hand, betting exclusively on your favorite teams can mislead you, as it can be difficult to objectively evaluate them due to your fandom. This illustrates how important is to conduct some research before selecting NBA players for over/under or making another type of NBA bet. Also keep in mind that some teams tend to get hot late in the season – with last year’s Miami Heat as the perfect example, and try to recognize such teams before the bookmakers adjust their valuations.

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Los Angeles Lakers
Brooklyn Nets
Los Angeles Clippers
Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics
Philadelphia 76ers
Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Phoenix Suns
Toronto Raptors
Portland Trail Blazers
Houston Rockets
New Orleans Pelicans
Atlanta Hawks
Indiana Pacers
Golden State Warriors
Orlando Magic
Washington Wizards
San Antonio Spurs
Memphis Grizzlies
Minnesota Timberwolves
Charlotte Hornets
Sacramento Kings
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Oklahoma City Thunder
New York Knicks
Detroit Pistons
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4. NBA Basketball Parley Builder

There are many strategies that allow you to capitalize on your knowledge of NBA schedule and strengths of particular NBA teams in betting or other NBA tipster betting competitions.

One of the most valuable tools that help you do that is the NBA Basketball Parley Builder, which conveniently lets you combine up to 6 different bets on the same ticket. You are not limited to any particular type of bet, so you can study the NBA 2020/21 betting odds and pick those markets that promise the best returns.

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For instance, you can combine NBA over/under predictions with guessing the spreads for games played on the same night, and receive unified odds for the whole ticket. This approach to basketball betting is fun and intuitive, but it also opens the possibility of a big payday without huge risk. The freedom afforded by this betting mode is equally appreciated by casual players and experienced bettors, as almost any type of prediction can be made a part of a basketball parlay from Bet365. That’s why parlay bets are among the most popular ways to take advantage of NBA 2020/21 odds with a promotion code from bet365. and craft a sustainable betting strategy that is likely to succeed over the course of the season.

5. NBA – Where to watch online?

It goes without saying that a vast majority of bettors want to watch NBA games live, following the outcome of their bets in real time. For those who don’t see NBA broadcasts on their TV’s, the internet offers plenty of great alternatives. In fact, with NBA games – where to watch becomes a matter of choice.

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It’s possible to get an official NBA League Pass and watch the games on demand in high resolution, but you could also use a free streaming site or even a betting site that hosts live streams of key events. With so many great NBA 2020/21 live streams to choose from, following the action on a daily basis is not nearly as hard or as expensive as it was in the past. No matter where you live, high-quality broadcasts of live NBA games are just a click away and you can stay fully informed with all the latest developments. Clearly, those who watch a lot of games have a tangible advantage when it comes to NBA betting 2020/2021 , so it makes perfect sense to find a few good streaming sites and use them to watch as much NBA basketball as you can. This will give you a better chance to react quickly to any news and place a well-timed NBA betting odds 2020/2021 that pay out handsomely – all while enjoying amazing sports action on your PC or smartphone screen.

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