NHL 2021 Betting Odds

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NHL 2021 Betting Odds

After a dramatic period when it wasn’t sure whether professional hockey would be played at all this year, NHL season started on January 13 in a shortened format due to the ongoing epidemic and NHL 2021 betting odds are already available.

The season will include only 56 games for each team and will conclude with a playoffs and a declaration of the NHL 2021 winner . That’s great news for dedicated hockey fans, who will have a chance to root for their favorite teams and place smart hockey bets over the next several months. Right now, championship bets are available at 5.5 on Colorado and 6.50 on Tampa Bay, while Vegas is close behind at 7.00.

To help you prepare for this unprecedented hockey season, we prepared a thorough NHL 2020/21 preview that will give you an overview of the projected strength of best teams in the National Hockey League along with tips on how to predict the outcomes and win your NHL bets.

1. General National Hockey League 2020/2021 Season Overview

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding this season, NHL games are continuing as usual and the best players in the world are competing for the Stanley Cup.

Due to restrictions associated with COVID suppression, the attendance at games will be uneven and depend on local situations in the cities where the teams play – some will have no fans in the stands at all, while others will let in a limited number of spectators. The league re-aligned its divisions for the same reason, putting all Canadian teams together in order to minimize the amount of travel and avoid long checks on the border. The regular season will be significantly shorter than in a normal year, but 16 teams would still compete in the playoffs with a chance to win it all.

With so many subtle changes to the routine, even the best NHL 2020/21 betting tips include a lot of guesswork, and we are probably set to have a very dynamic season full of surprising storylines.

2. Key Favorites for the NHL 2021 Season

It’s very much an open question who will be the eventual NHL 2020/21 winner at the end of the season.

Before the season, several teams were regarded as chief favorites to lift the Stanley Cup when it’s all said and done, with Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lighting among the teams with the lowest NHL betting odds at the moment. Another couple of teams, such as Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes, started the season well and must be taken very seriously.

Since ice hockey is unpredictable sport and we are nowhere near the start of the playoffs, this early list of favorites must be taken with some reservation. In reality, things will probably change significantly between now and May, so the best that you can do is to follow the season closely and react immediately if the NHL 2021 betting lines start moving suddenly in an unexpected direction.

Stanley Cup Winner - Best odds
Colorado Avalanche
Vegas Golden Kinghts
Tampa Bay Lightning
Toronto Maple Leafs
Carolina Hurricanes
Philadelphia Flyers
St Louis Blues
Washington Capitals
Pittsburgh Penguins
Edmonton Oilers
Montreal Canadiens
Florida Panthers
New York Rangers
New York Islanders
Vancouver Canucks
Nashville Predators
Columbus Blue Jackets
New Jersey Devils
Los Angeles Kings
Chicago Blackhawks
Detroit Red Wings
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3. NHL 2021 Betting Predictions

Considering the number of worldwide NHL fans and the level of interest for this season, it’s not hard to understand why NHL 2020/21 betting predictions are subject to intense speculation.

Betting on hockey can be a lot of fun if you are picking individual games, but for best financial returns it’s great if you can guess the eventual champion early in the season. Of course, this is quite difficult to do, especially since NHL season concludes with a multi-round playoff where teams must perform consistently over a 7-game series to advance.

Right now, it’s tricky to predict whether some of the currently favored teams will even qualify for the postseason – for example, the defending champion Tampa Bay has started the season in a sluggish fashion. Smart bettors analyze a lot of things in addition to NHL 2021 outright odds , as trades or injuries could play a decisive part in determining the next NHL champion. However, taking into account the confidence and determination of players, often expressed during interviews, you can always bet on your favourites and hope they indeed will do their best to win.

Our expectation is to win a Cup. Not just to claw and scrape our way into the playoffs. - Nathan MacKinnon, the alternate captain of Colorado Avalanche, for the Ringer

4. NHL 2021 Betting Tips

Betting on hockey is very popular and can be done in many different ways, depending on your preferred style and the amount of risk you are willing to tolerate. Naturally, most fans try their best at NHL accumulator betting, among others, predicting who will win NHL 2020/21 championship trophy, but this is only the tip of an iceberg.

A wide variety of bets on NHL matches, teams, or individual players are available, allowing for a huge range of strategies to be executed. In hockey, games can end in ties and overtimes, sometimes requiring a penalty shootout to decide the winner. This opens additional betting options and creates a possibility for underdogs to win points against favored teams, which should be reflected in betting strategies.

Still, while individual games may be unpredictable, making NHL betting picks for season-long outcomes is still possible based on the strength of the rosters, history of success, etc. It goes without saying that bettors who spend a lot of time analyzing the trends stand a much better chance of identifying undervalued teams and placing well-paying bets early in the season.

5. Where to Watch Live NHL Games

Ice hockey is a very exciting game that deserves to be seen live, so if you are betting on this sport it’s almost imperative that you watch your NHL 2021 favourites on a regular basis.

Since live coverage of ice hockey is not as universal as for some other professional sports leagues, many people follow the season through internet broadcasts. Finding a reliable NHL 2020/21 live stream shouldn’t be too hard, as many betting shops allow this option on their websites. There are also specialized websites where you can watch your choice of hockey games in high resolution. This allows you to try placing wagers while the game is in progress, or to check up on the status of the bets you made earlier. At any rate, watching a hockey match, after checking NHL 2021 betting odds and having some stakes on produces extra adrenaline, and makes hockey season a great time of the year.

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