Champions League Betting Odds

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Champions League Betting Odds

As we enter the knockout phase of the tournament, let's take a look at current Champions League betting odds.

A lot has changed since the beginning of 2021/2022 season. The early favourites in the Champions League winner 2022 odds PSG (currently available at 9.00), with the king of the beautiful game, Lionel Messi, has been replaced at the top of the bookmaker's table by Man City, with the odds of 3.75.

There are plenty of other interesting candidates in the Champions League odds too. Perennial contenders Bayern Munich are next best at 4.50, while an English trio – defending champions Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United – can be backed at 8.00, 6.00 and 19.00 respectively.

But which of this champions league favourite shortlist will go on to lift the trophy? Or will it be a complete outsider? We’ll find out more in February.

In the meantime, here’s our Champions League betting preview – let’s see if we can uncover any premium value.

1. Champions League 2021/2022 Preview

The draw for the Round of 16 has been made, and despite a lot of confusion and technical issues which led to redraw, it has created some really interesting pairings to savour eventually.

The first legs will take place in February with PSG vs Real Madrid and Sporting CP vs Man City being the first matches of this phase, on 15 February 2022. The second legs will be played in the first part of March 2022.

As it was mentioned above, Manchester City are current favourites and will most probably get to the quarterfinals, however, as it was proven many times in the past, football is unpredictable, so you can't take anything for granted, even if the levels of two teams seem to be totally different.

All the opponents are tough. People say one is better than the other but all of them at this stage are difficult and welcome to the opponent we are going to face. - Pep Guardiola, SportsMole

Round 16 of this years's Champions League will be a chance for some of the teams, to be exact Villarreal and Juventus, to meet for the first time. It will be certainly interesting to see how the game goes.

Of course, you can’t win the Champions League in the Round of 16 phase, but you can certainly lose it – and it’s interesting to note how these skirmishes can inform our Champions League prediction tips.

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2. Champions League 2021/22 Predictions

Before placing any bets, it is important to think it over and do it in a smart way. First of all, we recommend reading other general articles about football betting, for example, the one about sure bets, which aim to take away the risk of losing and give you a win every time.

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Finally, when trying to answer the question of who will win Champions League 2022 predictions, it is good to take a look at the previous results of the meetings between the teams paired up together as well as making comparisons between them.

Sportng CP is in the 28th position in the UEFA ranking, whereas their opponents, Manchester City are the second. The advantage of the English team seems to be obvious and although, as we have mentioned above, in football, you never know what will happen, the victory of the Portugal squad is not very probable.

It is much more difficult to pick the favourite when it comes to PSG, being one of the teams with the biggest potential to win the trophy, and Real Madrid that has never failed to get through the group stage of CL.

You probably won't be surprised to read that the result of the match between Salzburg and Bayern which we predict is the victory of the German team. With Robert Lewandowski, one of the top goal scorers in the world, Bayern, the six-time winners, has a huge chance to get to the final of the tournament again.

Similarly, when it comes to Nerazzurri vs the Reds, we have to admit that the the six-time European Champions, Liverpool are strong favourites.

Looking at the match odds, there are no doubts that Chelsea, the defending champions, are a much better team than Lille. The two squads have met twice before and both matches have been won by the English.

Now, let's take a look at Villarreal and Juventus. This is an example of another pair, where it is not that easy to pick a strong favourite. Even more so, since the two teams will play with each other for the first time in the Champions League. Although Juve is higher in the rankings, they lack consistency and the successful group stage performances of the Yelloe Submarine can be seen as a serious threat to the Italians.

Benfica, the initial underdogs in the competition, has managed to get to the round of 16 and will certainly do their best to defeat Ajax. The Dutch have won four of their meetings with the Portugese in the past and lost only once, but despite their advantage, we wouldn't call them the definite favourites here.

The last pair in the Round of 16 is Atletico and Manchester United. The Spaniards were not the greatest during the group stage, however with Suarez, they have a big goal-scoring potential, which they can use when meeting the Red Devils that, with Christiano Ronaldo in their squad, are certainly not the easiest opponents to face.

3. Champions League Betting Tips

At Champions League winner betting odds of 8.00 and 6.00, we can happily bet on all of Chelsea and Liverpool and make a profit.

However it is Man City which, according to odds, would be a Champions League winner bet.

Champions League Winner - Best odds
Last update: 1639469007

What other teams are worth considering when picking the probable future winning squad?

Chelsea, as the defending champions, have strengthened their squad further with Lukaku. Liverpool are currently in the top three teams in Champions League betting odds and with Virgil van Dijk back they pose a significant threat this term.

And Bayern Munich, with one of the best strikers in the competition, Lewandowski, have earned their second position in the CL winner betting odds

for a reason.

Whichever team you decide to back, remember that it is important to follow the the latest football betting tips and bonus codes for bettors as the tournament goes to make accurate bets and increase your potential profits.

4. Champions League Live Stream

One of the most popular club football competitions in the world, you don’t have to look too far or hard for a Champions League live stream.

In the UK, you’ll need your BT Sport subscription package up and running, while in other parts of the world you should check your local listings to see which channels have the action.

If you love watching live football, you should really consider signing up for accounts at betting sites like bet365, Unibet and 1XBET. They have live streaming channels that show hundreds of hours of matches from around the globe every week! This way you can not only place bets but also check if our Champions League betting odds are correct by watching the game live!

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