How to Play Fantasy NBA

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How to Play Fantasy NBA

2021/22 NBA season is yet another opportunity for basketball fans to take part in all sorts of virtual online games and this is why want you to know how to play Fantasy NBA. Our Fantasy NBA guide can be helpful for both Fantasy veterans and rookies, so keep reading to reveal our Fantasy NBA tips and strategies that may increase your chances to create an invincible team. After all, every Fantasy player is thinking about how to win Fantasy NBA, right?

What can you learn in this article? Basically, you will get enough information about Fantasy NBA to be fully able to create your own Fantasy NBA team, enter a Fantasy NBA league and compete on a really high level. This is why you should keep reading and reveal all the helpful Fantasy Basketball tips as well as Basketball Fantasy strategies and more.

1. What is Fantasy NBA?

Let us briefly explain what Fantasy NBA is about. Fantasy NBA is an online competition introduced to basketball fans in the 1990s due to the development of the Internet. After successful Fantasy NBA registration, players create or join Fantasy NBA leagues that may be either public or private and compete with each other according to one of the possible league formats.

Typically, NBA Fantasy competition takes place during the regular NBA season and lasts for about 20-30 weeks. Fantasy NBA players act as General Managers by drafting actual NBA players during the Fantasy NBA draft and managing their teams to keep them as good as possible. Scoring in Fantasy NBA leagues is based on basketball statistics collected every day, so playing Fantasy NBA requires daily engagement. It may sound a lot, but if you're into NBA, then daily load of games and news shouldn't be too much for you.

Joining Fantasy NBA is relatively easy and there isn’t much to say about how to join Fantasy NBA 2021/22 – you just have to choose a platform and create your Fantasy NBA player account. Once you successfully register at Fantasy NBA, you can join an already existing league or create your own. And remember that you can do it at any time during the regular season.

2. Fantasy NBA Rules

In our Fantasy NBA 2021/22 guide we can now take a look at some of the most important Fantasy NBA rules and terms. However, the range of Fantasy NBA formats is really wide, so apart from the universal information we are about to share, remember to read about specific rules applying to certain Fantasy NBA league types. So, what are the Fantasy NBA regulations you have to be prepared for?

First of all, every team is made from a finite number of players that usually ranges from 12 to 16. During the season, you have to remember about daily deadlines after which you cannot make changes in your Fantasy NBA team roster for a given day. Also, you are not allowed to exceed the maximum number of moves and trades set in the league you play. Finally, the differences between teams may be really thin, so remember that every league has its own rules regarding tiebreakers that are crucial for the final standings. Other important rules and settings set individually by every league owner include:

  • League format
  • Categories to score points
  • Draft type and date
  • Waiver claim time
  • Enabling playoffs
  • Undroppable players

2.1 Fantasy NBA Glossary

This Fantasy NBA 101 article wants you to know about Fantasy NBA as much as possible, so below you can find a Fantasy NBA vocabulary with definitions for the most important Fantasy NBA terms. Understanding them is a key to success, so study them carefully and try to remember them by heart, so it will be easier for you to play and win Fantasy NBA 2021/22.

Fantasy NBA Term Definition
Draft A scheduled live event before the season during which teams draft NBA players
Offline Draft A draft that takes place offline and doesn’t have to be performed within a specific time frame
Auto Pick A situation in which the computer automatically drafts you the currently highest ranked NBA player for your team
Day-to-day (DTD) A status that indicates that a given player is injured but because it is not serious enough, his status is updated everyday
Injury Report (IR) Injury Report (IR)A special place in your roster where you can keep replaced injured players without releasing them
Waiver Wire A list of NBA players who currently are not in your league rosters and can be claimed by anyone
Owned Percentage Shows what percent of all Fantasy leagues have a team that owns a given player
Undroppable Players List of players set by a league commissioner that are too good to be dropped from a team's roster

3. Where to Play Fantasy NBA

Many basketball fans are wondering where to play Fantasy NBA 2021/22. The good news is that currently there is a lot of platforms offering this kind of entertainment, so everyone can find something suitable for themselves. The official Fantasy NBA platform is offered by Yahoo and many Fantasy players consider this website to be the best.

However, the list of Fantasy NBA providers also includes online platforms such as ESPN, CBS, Sleeper, and Dunkest. Most Fantasy leagues are free and you don’t have to pay anything as long as you’re not interested in gaining access to some advanced tools and settings. This is a reason for the still-growing popularity of this game because basketball fans really appreciate the fact they can play Fantasy NBA for free.

4. Fantasy NBA 2021/22 Preview

This season is no different from the previous Fantasy NBA seasons. There has already been released rankings of best players for every Fantasy NBA format. Nikola Jokic, Luka Doncic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, and Kevin Durant are predicted to be the most useful players in Fantasy NBA 2021/22. What else can we be sure of this season?

4.1 Fantasy NBA Strategies

Every player has their own Fantasy NBA 2021/22 strategy. Some people tend to blindly follow rankings and every time pick the highest-ranked players available at the moment. Others like taking risks and choosing players that have question marks attached to them because many team owners avoid such risky players. And there are also team owners who enjoy giving chance to rookies. No matter what is your attitude, you always have to adjust your Fantasy NBA strategy to the league format. Usually, it’s one of the following:

  • Roto (Rotisserie) – this format gives points for every chosen category according to each team’s standing in a given category. For example, in a ten-team competition, a team with the highest number of assists at the end of the season gets 10 points, the second-best gets 9 points, etc.
  • H2H (Heat-to-head) – in this format fantasy teams compete with each other in one-week-long matches where they accumulate NBA statistics in chosen categories. Whoever wins in a bigger number of categories, win the whole match.
  • Fantasy Points – in this format league owner gives a certain value to every playable category. For example, a rebound can be worth 2 points and a three-pointer can be worth 4 points. After the season, the team with the most fantasy points wins.

4.2 Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet

Every year before the new Fantasy NBA season, Fantasy team owners think about how to draft players in Fantasy NBA successfully. Right now, various Fantasy NBA 2021/22 cheat sheet examples are shared online. What are they?

Basically, a cheat sheet is a list or a ranking of players that should be taken into consideration in given circumstances. For example, there are different rankings for roto leagues and different for head-to-head leagues. If you want your Fantasy NBA team to be well-balanced, you have to cover every position and every position provides a different set of statistics. Guards are more responsible for scoring points and providing assists while forwards and centers are the main source of defensive stats. However, there is a couple of extremely versatile players such as Russell Westbrook who provides valuable numbers almost everywhere.

Position Important Statistics Best Players
Point Guard (PG) Points, Assists, Steals, Turnovers Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry
Shooting Guard (SG) Points, 3PM, FG%, Assists James Harden, Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler
Small Forward (SF) Points, Steals, 3PM, Fouls Paul George, Kevin Durant, LeBron James
Power Forward (PF) Rebounds, 3PM, Blocks, Points Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jayson Tatum, Anthony Davis
Center (C) Blocks, Rebounds, FT%, Points Nikola Jokic, Karl-Anthony Towns, Joel Embiid

5. Fantasy NBA Tips

There is no universal formula to win Fantasy NBA. However, there are a few useful Fantasy NBA 2021/22 tips that you can follow to make sure you have enough knowledge and NBA background to know how to create a strong Fantasy NBA team and compete at the highest level.

5.1 Prepare For Your Fantasy NBA Draft

It may sound obvious but it’s actually one of the most important things in Fantasy NBA. Nothing has a bigger impact on your Fantasy NBA performance than the draft itself – no matter whether it’s live or offline. Do thorough research, check the most recent player rankings applying to the Fantasy NBA format your league is based on, and prepare a watchlist for every position, so you can have a strong and well-balanced roster. Usually, there are a couple of Fantasy NBA sleepers during drafts - players who have some hidden value that often requires taking a risk, which may be very profitable in the future.

5.2 Understand the League Format

Every Fantasy NBA format requires a different approach and strategy. Make sure you know on what basis teams are ranked in your league and which NBA statistics are taken into account. If you fail to understand your Fantasy NBA league system, you will be unable to choose an adequate roster, which may affect your performance very badly.

5.3 Follow the Latest NBA Team News

In Fantasy NBA, every day counts. This is why you have to check NBA team news on a daily basis. Follow injury reports, training news, trades, and experts’ opinions. Outsmart your rivals by taking hot free players from the wire and bench players who may not give their best performances.

5.4 Look For Steals From the Waiver Wire

This is strongly connected to the previous Fantasy NBA tip. The Fantasy NBA waiver list always contains valuable players who can be quite useful for a short or long period of time. The faster you react to what’s happening in NBA, the bigger your chances of winning Fantasy NBA 2021/22 are.

6. Using NBA Odds for Fantasy NBA

If you’re wondering how to build a good Fantasy NBA team, you should know that online bookmakers are very useful for this process. Why? Well, every Fantasy NBA team owner wants to have the best NBA players in their roster. One way to establish who is among them is to take a good look at the NBA 2021/22 betting odds released by various sportsbooks. Don't forget to take a quick look at our basketball betting 1x2 guide in the related article so you know how to use NBA ante-post 2021/22 odds also for placing bets.

NBA 2021/22 | Regular Season MVP - Best odds
Luka Doncic
Stephen Curry
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kevin Durant
Joel Embiid
Damian Lillard
Nikola Jokic
LeBron James
Show all odds
Last update: 1634296696

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7. Fantasy NBA FAQ

7.1 🏀 Where to play Fantasy NBA 2021/22?

There is a number of websites offering Fantasy NBA platforms. The official competition is available at Yahoo. Among other popular websites are ESPN, CBS, Sleeper, and Dankest.

7.2 🏀 What are Fantasy NBA formats?

The most popular Fantasy NBA formats are roto, head-to-head (both each category and most categories), and points.

7.3 🏀 Who can play Fantasy NBA?

There are no restrictions as to who can create a Fantasy NBA team and play. You just have to know how to play Fantasy NBA and you can learn that by reading this guide.

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