USA vs Japan Betting Tips

USA vs Japan Betting Tips

Every game that United States star-studded team plays at the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China will draw a lot of attention, but this one looks like it won’t be very competitive. Japan may be playing close to home and will have every reason to try hard against the powerful adversary, yet this probably won’t make any difference. United States is everyone’s answer to the question who will win FIBA World Cup this year, so it would be more than shocking if the US lost against a team that should be happy just to be in the tournament.

Despite the difference in class, games can sometimes take unexpected turns, and Team USA World Cup predictions could prove to be wrong. Let’s run through some fundamental USA vs Japan betting tips that will help you make better decisions when considering whether to wager on this game.

1. USA vs Japan Predictions

To put it simply, the best player on Japan’s roster would have no chance getting selected for this tournament if he owned an American passport. That said, Japan’s budding star Rui Hachimura is actually a pretty good player who was selected high in this year’s draft and could attain NBA glory in the future. He is also just 21 years old and has no experience competing on the greatest stage, so he will be hard-pressed to lead his team against the likes of James Harden, Kemba Walker, Kevin Love and Damian Lillard. That’s why all objective observers think that Team USA vs. Japan will be an easy win for the United States, without any late-game drama.

2. USA vs Japan Betting Tips

To be honest, it’s hard to find USA vs Japan betting lines that promise a great reward while still making even remote sense. Japan stands no chance to win, which will surely be reflected in United States vs. Japan betting odds available with your bookmaker. It might be tempting to pick Hachimura to have a big game, as he will be motivated to showcase his skills and the US will play bench players most of the game if it races to an early lead. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to predict any particulars in such a game, so wager on this match only if you don’t mind taking some risk.

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3. USA vs Japan Live Stream

A lot of major TV stations will cover the Basketball World Cup: Fox Sports in Australia or ESPN in United States as an example.

Usually, these types of tournaments are also available in the live streaming offer at 1XBET, so we hope that this time it is no different. All you have to do is register, it is that easy! You can do it, when you will have all your USA vs Japan betting tips figured out.

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